Saturday, July 23, 2016

Happy Blog-iversary - 2 Years //

Dear Readers,

I cannot quite believe that my blog turns 2 today! I started this website because I wanted to find a hobby that related to my career path, not thinking that it would eventually get as many hits as it does now. 

It is so exciting to be able to connect with you guys, some of you remain anonymous, some of you tell me in person that you read my blog posts and some of you comment below. I am incredibly grateful for every click that is made and I hope I am posting interesting content for you.

I am looking forward to seeing where this blog takes me, as it has already created and enabled some formidable connections already.

This blog will show I am constantly evolving as both a person and as a training Journalist. I really hope you stay and embrace my journey with me.

Thank you all for taking the time to read each and every post!

Stay Sweet,

Alice xx 


Friday, July 22, 2016

The Drink Of The Summer - Aperol Spritz //

Dear Readers,

Forget your glass of pink Zinfandel, move over Piña Colada enthusiasts, it's time to meet the latest craze in photo worthy alcoholic beverages.
Aperol Spritz

I didn't realise how popular this drink was until summer rolled around and my Instagram feed was filled with pristine pictures of people raising their orange Ombré glasses.

Not only does the drink aesthetically appeal to the summery sunshine vibes, it has well and truly bought spritzer's back into fashion. The drink originates from Italy and is an aperitif which offers both bitter and sweet essences of orange, rhubarb and herbs. It also has a relatively low alcohol percentage of 11%.

Don't worry, I have got myself immersed in the trend too. *Insert Instagram Picture Here*
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To experience the true effects of the Spritz-mania, I got myself onto Instagram and scrolled through the hashtags #AperolSpritz. To my amazement I found 217,619 posts all to do with the drink. Now that's a summer trend!
It's so easy to create and makes a great addition to any drinks selection at a BBQ or a night out.

Aperol Spritz Recipe


Serves 1
        Sparkling wine - I like to use Prosecco or Cava
        1 shot Aperol
        1 glug Club Soda
        1 slice Orange  

        Fill a large wine glass with ice. Fill the glass 2/3 full with sparkling wine. Add the shot of Aperol. Top with club soda, stir well, then add the orange slice. 
You can add variations to this with different garnishes. Why not try:
- Mint
- Raspberries
- Blood Orange Slice

I'd love to see if any of you recreate this drink or decide to have it on a night out. Likewise, let me know your thoughts on the drink and whether you enjoyed it? Comment below.

Stay Sweet,
Alice xx

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