Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The Phene //

Dear Readers,

Had it not been paralyzingly obvious that I had come here due to my admiration (and borderline obsession) for all things Made In Chelsea, I decided on having my birthday dinner at none other than The Phene. I was so pleasantly surprised to find an up-market pub tucked in a back street off Kings Road, away from the affluent hustle and bustle of people. Everything about the place remained true to pub tradition, however the modernised touches just added to the charm perfectly. Even a real-life Spencer Matthews made an appearance which was one of the highlights of the evening. 

Also, as the weather had finally turned around for us, it was no surprise that the cosy garden was heaving with well-dressed Chelsea folk who held their Gin & Tonics and Aperol Spritzer's like they were an accessory.  

Before we sat down at our table we chose to enjoy the evening sun and stood outside amongst all the other pub-goers. It was such a wonderful evening for taking in the ambience.

These Garlic Olives were so palatable - I even converted Emily to Olives
We had a wonderful waiter for the evening called William who was very hospitable and conversational. I find it is always necessary that a waiter can hold a decent conversation and it was a pleasure to speak with him.


I didn't take a photo of my meal (which is not like me at all), but I had a Beef Burger with a flavoursome chutney and all the other trimmings, not forgetting gherkins.

However I did snap Charlotte's food. A tasty Pork Chop with peas, onion gravy and fresh cut apple. I had major food envy at this point.

We all decided to share a dessert and opted for the Salted Caramel Cheesecake with Chocolate Sorbet. It was very rich, so I was glad that we shared it.

Inside an area of The Phene - Modern and tasteful decor which was clean and smartly presented.
Charlotte & I

It was such a wonderful evening and was a great opportunity to catch up with my friends. The food and ambience was delightful and our luck with the weather meant that we could appreciate the outside gardens to their fullest.

The following scores below indicate my overall opinion:

Good Welcome -  8 / 10

Speed of Service - 6 / 10

Drinks -  10 / 10

Quality of Food -  8 / 10

Value for Money - 5 / 10

Ambience - 8 / 10

Overall Experience -  8 / 10

Would I return? - Yes     

Stay Sweet,

Alice xx 

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