Monday, October 31, 2016

My Battle With Acne - Starting Isotretinoin //

Dear Readers,

Today's post is going to be a personal one. I have been battling with acne since the age of nine. My skin has always been an area for improvement as I have gone through my teen years feeling ugly, abnormal and uncomfortable.

Struggling to come to terms with the skin I was born with was an ongoing battle. I have tried all possible skin treatments, makeups, regimes and prescribed pills and lotions from the doctors. 

It wasn't till I was 16, that I deliberated whether to try a stronger drug, Isotretinoin. Quite frankly, I was scared of what it could do to my body and what side effects might occur. I put it off and agreed not to try it, however in the beginning of this year I had reached breaking point. Going to the dermatologist to start Isotretinoin seemed like the only option left. I had waded through all the other alternatives, which for my skin, weren't working at all.

It has taken quite a while to get through the process of starting the treatment, but today I start my very first pill. I admit that I am nervous of the potential side effects of this tablet and I admit that it has the potential to make my skin worse before it gets better.

This post is more to illustrate that although life might appear to be blemish-free, we all have flaws somewhere. I know that some of you might think that my skin isn't even that bad and that's fine. I am doing this treatment for me; I no longer want to look in the mirror and see the scars on my face which remind me of feeling awkward, being in pain and trying so hard to cover up my skin with thick layers of makeup.

So girls (and guys), take a look at my skin now. It has its flaws, and although outer beauty does not define who we are, I do think it is important to find peace with who we want to be.

My skin on a good day - still red and uncomfortable

My skin on a bad day

I will be updating you all via my blog, should you wish to find out how the treatment is going. Likewise, as the treatment progresses, I will be willing to talk more openly about how I deal with taking Isotretinoin and answer any questions anyone may have.

Stay Sweet,

Alice xx  

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Harley Quinn VS. London //

Dear Readers,

Today's post is going to be a playful one. I wanted to create a look which was Halloween related and easy to replicate. Of course it had to be the extremely popular Harley Quinn look. 

Red Loose Glitter - £4.99 - Partylol or

With its white-walled buildings and open roads, Chelsea was the ideal setting for this crazy character. Watch the video below.

Filming with the lovely Rebecca Spencer

Makeup By: 
Emily Lake  
Instagram: @emilysbeauty_x

Filming & Photography:
Rebecca Spencer 
Instagram: @rebeccaspencer_photography 

I really hope you enjoyed this post, so do let me know your thoughts! 

Also, I want to hear from you: Who are you dressing up as for Halloween this year?

Stay Sweet,

Alice xx   

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

My Denim -The Jacket Company //

Dear Readers,

Today's post focuses on a Lookbook I have put together around a statement jacket I was lucky to receive from The Jacket Company. 

I opted for a vintage denim bomber and have my blog name written on the back. Its self-promo at its finest, but I wanted something completely custom made to my brand.

I also wanted to add some flair from the inspiration behind my blog name and chose to have lace sewn on the hems of the sleeves and the bottom of the jacket. The femininity from the black lace compared with the boyish shape of the bomber jacket gave the perfect contrast of edginess which I think represents my blog and brand. 

I love that The Jacket Company use repurposed, vintage denim when creating their custom pieces. Recycling denim and giving it a new lease of life enables quality pieces to see the light of day again.

I just know that I am going to treasure this jacket - it will certainly feature in a lot of blog/Instagram posts I'm sure.

Follow The Jacket Company on Instagram for the latest updates on all things denim: @thejacketcompany_

Stay Sweet,

Alice xx


Friday, October 14, 2016

The Art of Perfecting The Law of Attraction //

Dear Readers,

Today's post is going to be focusing on how you can manipulate your thoughts and dreams into becoming real life occurrences.

Now I realise that this sounds like an abstract concept, but I have attempted to use these techniques in my everyday life and have so far seen results.

Firstly, it is important to focus on what you want to achieve in life as the ultimate goal and then work backwards and figure out what smaller goals you want to achieve on the road to your major ambitions.

I think this process is an extremely personal one, so I do not believe it is something that should be widely shared with the people you know. It is quite scary how the negative opinions or lack of belief from other people, may have on your ambitions. Those opinions can greatly impact how your goals come to fruition. People can often, unconsciously create obstacles which can be detrimental to your growth and success.

If this is a process you do want to undertake, then I recommend you research it further. However, I have found a method which works well for myself as a visual learner.

Using a board of my choice, I have created a Vision Board. For the purpose of this post, I have used images which are not related to my personal ambitions, but might however work on the same lines for someone else. You can use literally anything which enkindles you. You can include images, photo's, words, fabrics, plants, cards etc. The list of mediums for inspiration is not limited.

I really recommend that you find something that is unique to your tastes. I opted for this thrifted frame which was then customised to my exact liking. It was painted over lightly and the inside of the frame was replaced with chicken wire. I purchased this frame from With Love, a shop which constantly inspires my evolving taste. Why not purchase your own custom frame today?

The purpose of these boards is that they break down your aspirations into a manageable way. Naturally, your mind will begin to focus in on these ideas and positively reinforce your actions that day. It may encourage you to network with people, to find a new job, or it may give you something to aim for by your next payday.

I have used my Vision Board as a way to motivate myself further and to work harder towards what I want in life.

I hope to do more posts on the ideas surrounding law of attraction as I have noticed how much of a constructive impact it has had on my life recently - so let me know if you would like to see more of these posts too. Likewise, if you try out the Vision Board technique, then do comment below.

Stay Sweet,

Alice xx 

Friday, October 07, 2016

Christian Dior SS17 Trend Report //

Dear Readers,

It was Sidney Toledano, Dior Couture's Chief Executive, who hinted towards the prospect of an evolution within the acclaimed fashion house of Christian Dior.

 "Expect a New Dior"

There was much speculation as to who would take over the permanent position as Creative Director for Christian Dior and it seemed that Maria Grazia Chiuri would be the next person to take on the role since Raf Simons' sudden retirement from the brand.

Maria Grazia Chiuri is now the first female to ever be appointed as Creative Director for the 70-year-old fashion house. As she was previously the co-creative director at Valentino for 17 years, it would seem she would have a plentiful understanding of the processes involved in being a Creative Director in an established fashion house. However, it is apparent that she has a new responsibility to uphold;  taking full reigns of the direction of a brand that has remained so loyal to its creator's inspirations and original pieces.

Since the confirmation of her role within Christian Dior, I remained rather skeptical as to how Chiuri would develop the brand further, whilst still being able to withhold true identity of Dior.

I was quite surprised to see how innovative and modern the Dior woman had become. To me, the designs no longer suited the dainty Dior woman. The contrasts between the plain t-shirts and long a-line mesh skirts completely overturned the hard-wired thought that the show could only offer femininity in its purest form. Sure, Christian Dior was a pioneer in creating wearable fashion for the 'busy' woman, but the progression towards a modern woman hadn't stretched to this extent quite yet, not even during Raf Simons' reign as Creative Director.

The entire collection remained both edgy and laid back. As much as I adore a slogan t-shirt, I felt as though the mentions of feminism were an exaggerated ploy to suck feminists in. Perhaps it was a cheap shot at enticing in fashion moguls who share such content on their social media. 

I did however, understand and appreciate the slogan t-shirt which spoke so much, with such few words: Dio(R)Evolution. Maybe there is a method in Chiuri's madness of sudden immense change. Could it just be that the Christian Dior SS17 show at the Musée Rodin in Paris was the place of a Dior rebirth?? Was this simply Chiuri's attempt at standing firm in her belief that now is the ideal time for Christian Dior to evolve and unveil a 'new look'

Stay Sweet,

Alice xx   
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