Thursday, July 14, 2016

The Story Behind My Blog Name & Why I Started My Blog //

I get a lot of questions in regards to how I came up with my blog name and where it all began...

Why did I start my blog?

From the age of 11 I knew I wanted to do something involving media, in particular journalism, photography and television. It seemed 2008 was a peak for budding bloggers and YouTuber's to find their feet, and embed themselves in such a public popular culture. I felt so inspired to start something, but I wasn't sure what at that point.

It was during the summer of 2014 that I realised I couldn't be the one just reading the blogs, I wanted to create one. 

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The Story Behind my Blog Name:
I had no present knowledge of how to create a blog, so I spent hours googling how to create a blog and what domain name I should use.

It took me a while to come up with something that was unique, not already used and represented my identity in the best way possible.

Bandteesleatherandlace came from an outfit I wore most at college. Being an obsessive compulsive band merch addict, I always had a new 'band tee' to wear, but always felt it was too dressed down for the occasion of college. So I'd pair it with smarter pieces of clothing like the leather skirt I had bought from an Urban Outfitters (before their hype), which had a lace trim on the bottom. I still wear the combination together and due to it being an infamous choice of mine I decided there and then that I would use that blog name. 

So here we are, years later. 

This blog seems to document my growth both as a writer and also as a person and I hope you can enjoy that journey with me.

Stay Sweet,

Alice xx


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