Thursday, June 29, 2017

Technic Cosmetics Review //

Dear Readers,

I was recently sent a package of Technic Cosmetics products and have since been trialing them out to review for you guys.

These products are extremely affordable and the quality and pigmentation of the products means you have makeup that lasts.

Photo: Technic Cosmetics
You will also be pleased to know that most of Technic Cosmetic products are Vegetarian, as well as a selection of their range being 100% Vegan

Photo: Technic Cosmetics
I have particularly loved using the Colour Fix Loose Powder in my daily makeup routine as it holds my makeup in place perfectly throughout the day.

Check out my latest video reviewing the products:

Stay Sweet,

Alice xx


Thursday, June 22, 2017

Innate-Essence Well-Being Shots //

Dear Readers,

Innate-Essence was first created over ten years combining together natural ingredients, rich in nutritional properties, that are mixed to create a fresh blend of juice shots.

Innate Essence is now able to bring clients a range of drinks containing high quality raw ingredients straight to your door.

Pure Tumeric

This pure 60ml shot includes 5 grams of active, raw tumeric. It tastes great first thing in the morning. Pure Tumeric is personally my favourite shot to drink when I wake up and after a good workout.
Pure Tumeric | £3.50

Power Tumeric
If you are looking for a shot to really hydrate you, then reach for the Power Tumeric. It combines all the health benefits from the tumeric, watermelon, pomegranate, lemon and pineapple it uses, boosting the drinks nutrition.
Power Tumeric Power | £3.50

Watermelon Refresher
If you are looking for something to quench your thirst in this heat then the Watermelon Refresher will do just the job, made even more hydrating by the tannin-rich Pomegranate.
Watermelon Refresher | £3

Pomegranate Explosion
The perfect Vitamin A, C and E pick-me-up, this explosion of nutrients boasts a rich tannin quantity which is also high in fibre.
Pomegranate Explosion | £4

If you try their products be sure to tag them and use the hashtags

#LiveTheDifference #FeelTheDifference

Facebook - @innateessenceorganics
Twitter - @innateessence
Instagram - @innateessenceorganics

Stay Sweet (and smash those goals),

Alice xx


Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Battling With Body Confidence //

Dear Readers,

I have really deliberated about how I would structure this post to you all, so I could ensure to empower and uplift as many of you as possible. 

I arrived back home yesterday from my trip to Cyprus (which was, by the way, the perfect time to unwind) and during my flight home I was planning what content I wanted to create using these images. 

I could have kept it real simple and harped on about how amazing Primark swimwear is. It is amazing don't get me wrong, but I felt as though I wanted to say more with these photo's than just where to get your holiday clothes from.

First and foremost, I hope to bring together people of all shapes and sizes. This isn't a post about encouraging people to lose weight or exercise or change their eating habits. I want to solely talk openly about how it is ok to be confident in your own body and love yourself. This applies to guys as much as it does to girls.

Body confidence is a BIG deal and it is something which is constantly put under the microscope by Instagram feeds and influencers. Now I am not talking about body confidence being a big deal because there is an unspoken rule that all people need to conform to a particular standard. But more about it being necessary to our happiness to get to a point where we look at ourselves and just feel good.

During our final full day in Cyprus, we woke up early and drove the short distance from Anarita to Aphrodite's Rock. I knew I wanted to take some pictures with the famous rock behind me, so I got my camera out and with the help of my Mum, took some fun snaps.

I got a lot of funny looks, even though the majority of the beach below were snapping away and getting their shots in. Why could I not shoot some bikini-clad photo's with a bit of sass? I have spent countless hours exercising and squatting my little booty away, I wanted to have my moment in the sun, feeling good about life.

It got me thinking about my body image and how much had changed since my last visit to this location. I would never have had the confidence back then to stand there and get photo's in a swimsuit. I never felt as though my body was worthy. 

Quite frankly I hated a lot of things about my body, maybe things that other people didn't notice, but they were things I over-analysed and stressed about. It's funny because one of the things I was most self-concious of was my lack of a bum. Not sure I can argue that one anymore. And before you think 'How cocky of her to think she has a nice bum'; I'm not suggesting it's the greatest you have ever seen. I want to use it as an example to illustrate how I was able to resolve something I didn't feel comfortable with. I wish I still had bikini photo's from my first trip so I could give you some sort of comparison, but as I never posted them anywhere, there was no way I would have saved them. Sorry guys, I wanted to look back and laugh too (it's important not to take your past self too seriously).


Fast-forward to this trip and I feel as though I am really getting there. I feel good about myself and I wanted to shout it from that bloody cliff-side. 

I have definitely not reached a definitive goal, but I used this trip to look back at what I have managed to achieve physically and psychologically. I don't really believe in setting a final goal, because I believe there is always room to improve and smash those targets. It is just as important however to accept where you are and give yourself the praise you deserve.

It may not even be that you've chosen to get 'fit' or change your body in any way. Perhaps you have reached a point where you can embrace those things you once disliked about yourself and turn them into things which make you who you are.

Palm Springs Swimsuit, £4 | Primark     Sunglasses, £3 | Primark

No matter where you are on your journey, whether you are still finding a you that you are most comfortable with, or you are at a place of an abundance of confidence, never let anyone tell you what it takes to be truly happy. 

There is no rule book which dictates who can be confident and who cannot. We all deserve to be happy no matter what stereotypes are thrown our way. 

So post that risque Insta pic, or wear that dress you thought only size 10 girls could wear, because you are guaranteed to have people cheering you on every step of the way. If not (which I think is most unlikely), just drop me a message and I'll be there for you.

Stay Sweet & Stay Confident,

Alice xx

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Hoxton Haus Swimwear //

Dear Readers,

Another day in paradise can only mean one thing...another killer swimsuit.

Some of you may think it is a tad unnecessary to pack a hundred different bikinis on holiday, but let's be honest, you can never have too many beach worthy options.

I purchased this Hoxton Haus piece at Balance Festival and have been eagerly waiting to wear it to the beach.

I love the versatility of this swimsuit as it is high quality enough to be worn as a bodysuit with regular clothing.

AVA Swimsuit  (White), £50 (Was £55) | Hoxton Haus

I also love how unique its cut-outs are and the additional elasticated bands with the brand name give it that edgy sports-luxe feel which is so on trend at the moment this summer.

This swimsuit also comes in black.

Shop all the Hoxton Haus range here.

Stay Sweet,

Alice xx

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Sea You Beach Bar //

Dear Readers,

Sea You Beach bar is a coastal spot seemingly under the radar in Cyprus. Tucked along a cove between Paphos and Coral Bay it sits right on the beach.

'Yeah Beach Sliders, £8 | Primark

Upon approach it doesn't look as though much is there. However once you get to the entrance of the outdoor beach bar, you are welcomed by the friendly staff and are able to find your perfect spot to enjoy the weather. There are shady spots or open areas to sit depending on your preference.

Passion fruit Dacquiri & Classic Mojito

Sunglasses, £3 | Primark
Swimsuit, £50 | Hoxton Haus
Kimono, Price Unknown | New Look

Sunglasses, Price on Request | Dior
Black Off-Shoulder Top, £7.99 | Zara

We opted for a semi-shady table which overlooked the coastline where we had lunch.

We shared the Watermelon Greek Salad and the Honey Halloumi.

We then sat on the beach until the sun set in the late evening.

Discover Sea You Beach Bar:
Kissonerga Beach 

Stay Sweet,

Alice xx

Friday, June 16, 2017

How To : Style the Shirt Dress //

Dear Readers,

I recently escaped my busy little life to travel to Cyprus with my Mum. One of the things I have packed in my suitcase was this oversized pinstripe shirt dress from Zara.

I have wanted to commit to this trend for so long, but was worried it would be a short-lived summer trend back in SS16. But seeing as it has made a phenomenal return to our wardrobes and stores everywhere, I figured it must be a style that is here to stay. I love that SS17 has seen such a rise in experimental versions of the basic shirt dress we know and love. I have seen floral embroidery, studding, lace hems and so much more.

Bracelet, £2 | Primark

Tunic Dress, £39.99 | Zara

Bag, £7 | Primark

Sunglasses, £3 | Primark

Control the oversized shape of the Shirt Dress with a statement cross-body bag. This will cut into your frame and prevent it from becoming a shapeless look. Alternatively you can gather the dress in with a statement belt or corset.

'A' Necklace, Price Unknown | Molly Brown

I get so many comments and questions about these shoes. I bought them 2 years ago so I could not find a link to them | Missguided

If you are looking for a statement dress that is versatile for any summer occasion then look no further. Zara definitely has you covered.

Stay Sweet,

Alice xx


Sunday, June 11, 2017

A Bikini A Day London Pop-Up //

Dear Readers, 

Recently I had the exciting opportunity to attend A Bikini A Day's Swimwear and Active wear London launch and pop-up event. 

Left to right: Tash, myself and Devin
Set in the courtyard of the Sanderson Hotel in Fitztrovia, I was styled by Tash Oakley and Devin Brugman as they helped each of us pick the perfect products from their range. It was such a great opportunity to work with them one-to-one and get some great personalised advice.

Photo: A Bikini A Day

Photo: A Bikini A Day
I ended up ordering the Griffith 3/4 Length Legging in Grey Marble (£69) as I knew I would make better use out of the active wear for my day to day lifestyle.

Photo: A Bikini A Day


It was so much fun to hang out with Tash and Devin for a couple of hours and talk to them about their blog and all their trips abroad. 

One thing I love about these girls is that they are real women with real body shapes. They have become such an aspiration of mine as they work so hard on their content and also on keeping their bodies fit and healthy.

A post shared by Devin Brugman (@devinbrugman) on

So if you're looking for the perfect swimwear for your next vacay or some fresh new gym gear to wear this summer, then definitely shop their sites today.

Monday Active
Monday Swimwear

Stay Sweet,

Alice xx
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