Wednesday, September 16, 2015

DIY : Unique Book Covers

Dear Readers,
I'm no stranger to a DIY project, and nothing could get me more excited about a DIY project than being able to customise stuff for school/uni/work. With that being said I had a lot of fun customising these notebooks and diaries I have picked up over the course of my 'Back to Education' shopping.

So here's a a way to spice up your stationary!

Step 1:
  •  Purchase any notebooks, diary's or binders which will be suitable to DIY (I prefer to find notebooks which have a ring binder edge as it allows me to use the pages more flexibly
Don't Forget: You can also use this DIY on arch files - Just make sure you choose a folder with a plastic slip attachment to the front and/or back to allow for your covers to become more water resistant and tear free.

Step 2: Find a way to collage
  • Choose to either collage manually using magazine cuttings or online print-outs.
  • Alternatively, like me you can opt for a less messy and time consuming way by using the app PicCollage to create your collage using images you can find on other apps such as Instagram,Tumblr and my favourite image collecting app WeHeartIt.
 Step 3: Collage It!
  • This step is completely subjective to your taste, so get creative with it!
  • Mix icons, colour schemes, fashion trends and life goals into your collage 
Top Tip: Keep it inspirational to you!

Step 4: 
  • Print out collages or glue them onto card paper and washi tape them onto the books original covers. If using an arch file, insert the collage in between the plastic slip. 
Top Tip: Spice it up with different tape colours, sizes and styles to create an even more look.

Step 5: Show your stuff off to the masses! 

Don't hide your designs, flaunt them - Gone are the days of a tatty Pukka Pad.
Stay Unique & Stay Sweet,

Alice x

The agenda I have purchased for my uni course is beyond incredible. The 'Student Planner & Academic Diary 2015-16' is available to purchase in WHSmith or Amazon. 

Not only is it a diary, this planner is crammed with useful study skills hints and tips from the authors of the Study Skills series, plus an academic year diary, timetables, notes pages and more like uni checklists and how to plan out your finances. It’s in a spiral bound format for ease of use and has a plastic protective sheet at the front and back to ensure the diary remains in a good state for the whole year. I couldn't recommend it more - it will be my Uni Bible.


Monday, September 14, 2015

The Goodwood Revival: In Pictures

Hey Readers, Here is some highlights from the Goodwood Revival.

Everyone made such an effort to look the part - I loved this lady's black and yellow outfit

Old-fashioned Tesco's

After visiting this lovely Vintage boutique within the Goodwood grounds I met Gemma Redmond, a tastefully dressed young girl boss who has established a well known company which sells unique vintage pieces of jewellery and accessories ranging from affordable to designer including even bespoke items. Go check out her website: or follow her on instagram: @gemredvintage

Stay Sweet,

Alice x

Thursday, September 10, 2015

New Blog Series : Back to School/College/Work Tips, Hauls, Motivational Messages and More!

Dear Readers,

I just wanted to brief you on the type of blog posts you should be expecting in the near future. I hope to give you an insight into all that surrounds a new season, and indeed a new academic year! 

Back to School/College/Work Tips, Hauls, Motivational Messages and More!

Stay Tuned & Stay Sweet,

Alice x

Saturday, September 05, 2015

Fresh Starts, Fresh Trends : Dorothy Perkins, Horsham

September invites us to start a fresh, and experience new things. With that being said, Dorothy Perkins has taken a recent move into the Beales Department Store in Horsham. With this relocation, the store has had a much needed refresh, thus introducing more current trends rather than basic key items. Our good and trusty Dotty-P's now offers you the boutique look for less. Think structured 70's Blouses, Electric Blue Shirt Dresses and Button-down A-line Skirts. We now stock all the influential Autumn/Winter trends for 2015 to help diversify your wardrobe and allow for that inevitable transition into the colder winter months.

Come in store today, we'd love to see you!

Stay Sweet,

Alice x
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