Wednesday, August 27, 2014

My Bootea Teatox Experience

Dear Readers, 

I'm still pretty new to posting consistently, so bear with me on that.

So, being a body-conscious 17 year old I embarked on finding the Bootea Teatox. Originally, I thought you could only buy it online so I was totally shocked when I found it in my local Holland & Barratt. I'd seen the buzz from other bloggers and fellow instagrammers so immediately picked it up. Although it was on the pricier side, I paid £19.99 to drink 14 days worth of their teas.

I guess I went into the whole thing blind in terms of what it was actually made of and what it would do to my body. The night before I was due to start the detox I watched a couple of YouTube reviews, one of which stated that the tea would cause me to desperately need the toilet 8 hours after consuming the tea (this would be due to the laxative equivalent ingredients which are in the night time tea,). At this point I was really quite worried that I would be in one of those awkward "toilet situations"- and that's not great for any woman. However I found this was not the case at all, but I do believe that it will vary from person to person.

Here is my review notes made every 5 days or so:

Disclaimer: Bootea recommends that you cut all meats from your diet and eat fish as an alternative. They also state that you should greatly reduce your intake of breads, pasta, and any heavy carbs. From my experience of this, I found it very hard to not eat these things as I have at least one of these foods in my diet per day. If you are looking for drastic results from this diet, then I advise that you follow their plan, however I do not believe it is the safest for long term use. As stated prior, I bought this as an aid to shaping up for my holiday. 

Day 1:
Drank my first cup today - I had heard that the tea doesn't taste too great but I found the morning tea very pleasant on it's own (I drink a lot of green tea so that's perhaps why). I love experimenting with what I add to my herbal teas so I decided to go with one of my favourites - I enhanced the taste by throwing in a slice of lemon. Alternatively you could add cut strawberries, lime, mint, cucumber or honey (for you sweet-toothed people out there). I had this alongside a handful of strawberries and Greek yogurt. I love my fruit so this was a typical breakfast choice for me.

I've decided to cut down on the amount of bread I eat, although I will still be eating breads such as wraps and pitta.

Day 5: 
I thought I'd really be experiencing the laxative effect but everything seems normal. I have noticed such a difference in my energy levels with this tea and have found it really gives me a boost in the mornings so much so that I've not needed to have any coffee - which is not like me at all. I'm really enjoying the morning tea, but not as fond when it comes to the night time tea. Maybe it's the peppermint flavouring, but I'm not finding it as easy to drink as the morning blend.

Day 10:
I've had so much energy to workout and just feel really cleansed, and I've noticed a slow improvement in the condition of my skin, because I get really bad breakouts. Energy levels are still high when it comes to working out and as for the night time teas, I make sure to add more slices of lemon.

Day 14:
The Bootea Teatox has been a great aid and motivation to my progress of shaping up and has also made me more conscious of the types of foods I am putting into my body. I have found a great improvement in the quality of my skin and I feel very cleansed.

My Overall Opinion:

I do agree that the Bootea Teatox  has made a difference to my body alongside healthier food choices and small amounts of regular exercise. It is on the pricier side, but I do think that it is worth the spend if you're wishing to shed a couple more pounds before your holiday, party or big event!

Here are some links for buying online:

Let me know if this was any help, I'd love to hear from you - or if you'd like to know more about my experience.

Stay healthy & Stay Sweet,

Alice xx

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