Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Beans and Greens Juice & Coffee Bar //

Dear  Readers,

I recently visited Beans and Greens Juice bar in Kingston with Hannah to try out some of the choices currently on their menu, as well as some dishes which are coming very soon.

Hannah's Usual - Morning Magic 
My Usual - Ginger

We got to experience the ambience of the place whilst we waited to speak with Glenda, the co-owner of Beans and Greens who started up the business with her husband Frederik. There was a constant stream of people queuing up for their favourite juice. Even a famous dog came to visit (see below).

Another thing myself and Hannah noticed was the smell circulating around the juice bar which was coming from the freshly baked Cinnamon Buns. They smelt far too good to resist, so we picked up a few and ate them whilst they were still warm.

“The base of this smoothie bowl is avocado, raspberries, strawberries, spinach, beetroot, apple and a splash of vanilla soya milk, topped with cacao nibs, goji berries, coconut chips and bananas. We will soon add four smoothie bowls to our menu, two of which will be aΓ§ai based and we’ll have a selection of different toppings to chose from.

This green smoothie you are about to try is our most popular superfood smoothie; The Greench. We have many regulars that pre-order it, so it’s ready when they stop by on their way into work, great for breakfast."

Acai Bowls coming soon to Beans and Greens (Also pictured: The Greench Smoothie)

Tell us about how you came to start Beans and Greens?
“I followed my husband's dream. After many years in banking he decided to quit his office job and pursue his passion, so I followed him! He is Swedish, and very much into juicing. Last summer while working on his dream of opening a juice bar he pretty much juiced every piece of fruit and veg he could get his hands on, to test all sorts of mixes and blends.
We opened in November 2016 as a pop-up store, and the pop-up turned permanent in January. We are happy we made this decision, as we’ve received so much support and positivity from the local community.

“At the beginning, it was just Fred's own little project, but as soon as we opened the doors of the shop I realised we needed a team, so we involved the whole family and some extra helping hands!"
Hannah tucking into her sandwich

Why Kingston?
“We were looking at several locations, then we found this shop in Kingston. We are the only juice bar in Kingston with seating at the moment, so we thought it was a good choice.
Kingston is a great town. It has good shopping, great places to eat and is very close to green areas. We don’t live too far from Kingston and we’ve always enjoyed spending time in the town."

What are your bestsellers?

“The Greench and the Morning Magic are our best-selling superfood smoothies. We have a lot of regulars that come to pick these up as their morning breakfast routine. Another very popular juice is the Eye Opener, which is made of raspberries, ginger and apple; a great combination, very high in vitamin C."

Did you expect the kind of demographic you are currently getting buying your juices?
“We get all sorts of people, basically we attract a lot of people that are conscious of what they eat and drink.

Many young working professionals, students and gym goers. People that have an active lifestyle and are interested in being healthy and fit. Also parents that get their little ones to drink their fruit and greens – our aim is to help the people in Kingston to drink at least one of their ‘five a day’.

We have been collaborating with The Gym, Sweaty Betty and F45 Training in Kingston to get the word out, partnering with people that care about a healthy lifestyle.

Do you think it’s becoming more fashionable for people to be healthier?
“It is fashionable, but it is also the best choice, the best choice for our own bodies. Once you start eating and drinking better you start feeling better, so I hope people see it is more than just a fashion. I hope it will become a way of life because it is such a great habit.
I like people to know that they can make these juices and smoothies at home. There are no hidden ingredients, and I am happy to share how many apples, how much spinach or how many bananas go into each and every drink in our juice bar. This way people can start making what we do here even in their own homes.

A lot of customers tell us they make juices at home, mainly during weekends, as during the week they don’t have time. So they prefer to come and see us for their smoothie or juice fix. We are also working on one and two day juice cleanses for some of our regular customers, which for anyone who doesn't know, is a program of just drinking the juices for one or two days, depending on what they want to try."

Where do you get your produce from?
“We get fresh produce delivered on a daily basis from a local independent supplier. He sources the fruit and vegetables from the New Covent Garden market. We are also thinking of adding a selection of drinks made with local seasonal produce.

It is a challenge as in the UK, because of the weather, not everything grows, but we love experimenting!

In the beginning we really wanted to use the wonky vegetables, the odd ones that big chains don’t sell because they don’t ‘look the part’. The challenge is we go through so much produce that it’s hard just to rely on those suppliers.”

Where do you see the business in five years?
“We would love to expand and bring our lovely juices and smoothies to people in other locations, while keeping the independent and cosy feel. We are happy when our customers ask for advice on what’s good to fight the first signs of a cold or what’s best after a workout. We’ll see what the future will bring for us!"

The colourful chalkboard menu featuring the many juices, smoothies and hot beverages on offer - My regular choice is (5) Ginger which is made with carrots, apple and ginger.
Fancy making someone else's day a little better? Pay for a suspended coffee and give back to someone in need

In what ways do you advertise?
“I haven’t actually started properly advertising our juice bar, and so far we have mainly relied on word of mouth. I do use social media to keep people informed of new juices on the menu, opening hours. I also share a lot of posts from our customers that take great pictures of our juices and smoothies. I use mainly Instagram but I’m also active on Facebook and Twitter.
I’ve arranged two after work yoga classes in our shop recently, both sold-out pretty soon after we announced them on social media. I would like to arrange more activities; classes, clubs to involve the community. We’ve made great friends, especially via instagram, and everyone is so supportive.  

The next event we have in mind for this summer involves juices and cocktails in Kingston, we’ll keep you posted!.”
Beans and Greens has a simple and welcoming environment

You can follow The Beans and Greens social media pages here:

I believe it is so important to support growing local businesses, especially when they promote such positive messages. 

Beans and Greens is the perfect place for that post-workout pit stop or lunch break alternative from some of the more unhealthy places to find food and drink in Kingston. I am always greeted with a warm welcome when I go there.

So if you pop in, tell them I sent you!

29 Castle Street,
Kingston Upon Thames,

Stay Sweet,

Alice xx


Monday, May 29, 2017

Christian Louboutin Velvet Matte Lipstick //

Dear Readers,

I thought I would share with you my latest beauty purchase. I recently received a gift card from Harrods for being a loyal and consistent customer through their rewards card scheme.


So with the incentive to spend, I thought I would add to my Christian Louboutin lipstick collection. I deliberated between Glosses and Silky Satin lipsticks but ended up favouring the Velvet Matte lipsticks, after trying them out with the help of Melissa (pictured below) who works for Christian Louboutin in Harrods. She gave such a great service and was really helpful when I was trying to find a lipstick that worked for me.


Shop the nail collection here
I also received a travel size of the 'Trouble in Heaven' perfume. It's such a sophisticated scent for every day wear. Trouble in Heaven (Full Size) - £215

Shop the Parfum collection here

Pair your favourite nail colour with your go-to Loubilaque
Goldissima Nail Lacquer - £38

Velvet Matte Lipstick in 'Just Nothing' - £65

For a classic matte look, 'Just Nothing' does the job perfectly. I love that it stays matte, but its velvet finish means it doesn't crack or flake during the day.

Stay Sweet,

Alice xx

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Embracing Change & How I Deal With It //

Dear Readers,

Today's post is being written whilst I stand waiting for my train at Clapham Junction, the busiest station in Europe.

It's quite interesting to watch the way people go about their commute to their final destination. Some of those people rush through the crowd to the opening doors of their delayed train, with no care or awareness that their briefcase has hit three commuters as they have walked by. Then there are others who stand amongst the crowd so carefree that they have opened a can of premium lager and are sipping at it as if they have actually got on board the train already.

All of this seems to be a prime example of how people getting on board the same 'train' that is life, embrace change and in some cases how they deal with those bumps in their journey. Now, you can follow along with the metaphor I have chosen and use it to depict it as a literal example, or you can apply this to pretty much most things in life.

I feel as though change has become something so frequent in my life that I fear it far less than I used to.

I was so used to a strict routine as you do when you are in school and living with your parents. It wasn't until I started university that I realised there was so much out there for me to try, that conforming to a routine I had known and felt 'comfortable' with, wasn't helping me grow as a person anymore.

A turning point for coping with change came when I got my place at Kingston University. I had no intention of staying in halls. I didn't like the idea of being away from home comforts and was particularly put off by the fact that halls of residence looks as though it hasn't seen an interior decorator for at least 15 years (is magnolia even a colour anymore?). 

But I somehow convinced myself I had to do it as part of the "uni experience". Ok, so I may not have appreciated halls at the time, but it pushed me out of my comfort zone. I never thought I could overcome the intense feeling of homesickness that I felt during my first year, but somehow during the entirety of my second year I felt like I didn't need to go home. I look back at it now and see it as such a breakthrough. Had I not just gone for it and embraced that change, I would have prolonged the inevitable need to move out.

Change is constantly present in our life whether we choose to see it or not. Going back to the image of trains, sometimes no matter how fast we run down those stairs to the platform, we might still miss our last train home. That is something I have been learning to deal with in life; missed opportunities, diversions and cancellations of something we long for, may seem like the end of the world at the time, but there is always a solution and a chance to find something better. Perhaps the train you missed would only take you to a nearby station, but the train an hour later will take you directly to your stop. It was meant for you.

Change your perspective: 

Over the past six months I have been working on my outlook on life and the events that happen in my day-to-day life. I always deemed myself a bit of a pessimist, forever lowering my expectations or predicting the worst outcome. I was often seeing things from a glass half empty perspective.

The thing that has pulled me out of that fear of change and the negative energy which surrounds it, has come from daily meditation and exercise. Those two things combined have shifted my mindset completely. I am growing less fearful of plans not working out, friendships drifting apart or on a more trivial level, missing my last train home. 

It doesn't mean I no longer care about what happens in my life, in fact it is the opposite. I just see things from a much more positive stance and boy does it feel good. Someone pass me a lager. I'll have what he's having!

So what's changing for me now?

Well, seeing as we are on the exciting topic of change, I have decided to develop my website further. I am hoping that by the time this post is live on my blog you will be viewing it in a completely new layout. I have had the existing layout for over a year. That layout lead to such an increase in my growth and the number of hits I was getting on my blog. My global ranking out of circa 1.5 billion websites is now at 13,405,628, moving 6,517,718 places in three months. Although it does still sound like a ridiculous figure, my position is constantly improving. I am so thankful for every hit on my posts, for every comment, like and share on my social media pages. Without this continuing support from my readers I would not have seen such a development. Thank you.


What resources do I use?

I can't do a post on embracing change without giving you some actual advice to take away with you, now can I? Below are some of the best ways I take time out of my busy day to access those fearful or negative emotions and feel good about all that is happening in my life. 

My Meditation Favourites

Gratitude Meditation:

I do this meditation every single night and it sends me off into the best sleep. I close my eyes thinking about all the things I am grateful for that day.

Law of Attraction:

Another one I like to do whilst in bed is the LOA meditation. It really brings my mind clarity, ready for the next day and I am left feeling focused and aware of my immediate ambitions.

Positive Morning Meditation:

I do this one whilst I get ready to leave for university or in my case at the moment, before I leave to my internship. It takes those morning anxieties away quickly and gets you mentally dressed for your day.

My Workout Favourites

For Home:

I have probably mentioned this app about a thousand times to you guys but it has been such a game changer for me.
According to the apps summary it is 'the best exercises for regular people just like you and me, you can do a quick-fit workout anytime anywhere. It only takes 7 minutes. This 7 minute workout has been highlighted by the New York Times as offering "maximum results with minimal investment".'

Some days I use it as a full mini-workout, other days I do a couple of the workouts as a warm up. It is all controlled by you.

For Gym:

Boom Cycle:
I fell in love with Boom Cycle after I tried it at Balance Festival. It is uplifting and energising and the instructors are amazing at motivating you to smash your workout. 


Boom Cycle states on their page that 'with the lights low and the world class sound system kicking out high energy music you'll be swept away into an immersive experience where the world outside will cease to exist and it'll just be you, your bike, your goals and at the end, your accomplishments.' 


I really hope you can continue to follow me as my blog develops and I am looking forward to finding out your thoughts on the new layout, so let me know on Instagram or Twitter.

Stay Sweet,

Alice xx


Monday, May 15, 2017

Balance Festival //

Dear Readers,

Over the weekend I was invited to attend Balance Festival and experience the VIP package for the event courtesy of Juice A Day. I went on the Saturday so it was particularly busy with inspiring fitness lovers milling around trying free samples, buying products and of course going to the classes which they had on offer catering to almost any fitness desire.

I was really keen to try out the spin session that they had going on which was run by Boom Cycle. It was such an intense workout, but it really left me feeling amazing - I have never sweated more from a workout in my life.

Juice A Day

We watched live talks and cooking lessons from the likes of The Angry Chef, Clean Eating Alice and Zanna Van Dijk

Of course I had to bring my fitness partner in crime Hannah Denison 

We had to try the AmaVida acai bowls and they did not disappoint

When lunch time rolled around, I opted to try the spicy Vurger 

It was such a pleasure to meet and dance around with Lois Simpson

Stay Sweet,

Alice xx


Sunday, May 14, 2017

Debut Magazine Issue 4 Launch //

Dear Readers,

I attended Debut Magazine's launch party for their latest issue which features the Queen of the slay-game, Baddie Winkle.

When the cocktails are just too pretty

It was a great opportunity to meet with other creatives as well as the curators and contributor's of the magazine. It was definitely an ample opportunity to get our networking on (my favourite thing). 

So myself and the girls got dressed up, packed our business cards in our clutch bags and went on our way...

With Georgia Moore & Lydia Arnold

When the highlight on the squad is so fierce...

When internet friends meet for the first time - Emma Gibbons

Dress - Primark £13, Clutch - Accessorize (Price unknown), Bracelets - Primark £2

Hope you enjoyed these pictures from the Debut Launch. I would really like to thank the entire team for inviting me along. I have been following Debut since its very first issue and it is really growing into an empowering woman's magazine. 

You can grab your copy here

Stay Sweet,

Alice xx
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