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The Ultimate Spiritual Experience: Elaine Grace Therapies Zone Therapy Facial

My experience at Elaine Grace Therapies was one that came at exactly the right time, as though the stars had aligned. Elaine reached out to me on Instagram about her practice and her Zone Therapy Facials. After speaking on the phone to learn more about the process and what the facial could do for me, I couldn't wait to start the treatment.

The Zone Therapy Face Lift is the most popular treatment, working on healing the body on every level. The facial is a bespoke treatment pioneering a new way to naturally age well and lift the face and spirit. This magical treatment combines ancient and modern techniques such as Bergman Method Facial Reflexology, Japanese Facelift Massage, GuaSha, Quartz Crystals along with Native American healing herbs.

Although this facial does work on the outside of the body, the entire experience works to cleanse and detox you from the inside too. Think of it as the ultimate spiritual cleanse that will have you working on all aspects of your life.

The ritual begins with burning white sage to clear negative energy and start the protective healing, something that calms instantly and smells great. It is essential that you are at your most relaxed state during this process, so Elaine coaches you on performing yogic breaths throughout the treatment. For those of you who may find it difficult breathing steadily will be pleased to know that the slow breaths become instinctual very quickly.

The skin is then treated to a mini Neal's Yard facial using hot towels that are wrapped around the face to open the pores, increase circulation and encourage the oils into layers of dermis.

It is then followed by a full sequence of facial reflexology which has the same fabulous benefits as reflexology, however it is out of this world relaxing and can help to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles.

Reflexologist Elaine Chisnall explains: "Following the masterclass I recently completed with Ziggie Bergman I have learnt how to use crystal wands as part of the treatment. For example, Smoky Quartz for grounding & protection from negative energies. Rose Quartz works on the heart chakra - helps to remove emotional baggage associated with heart ache. The example I often use is the deep 11 lines you often see between the eyebrows which sits on the heart point. It is life that has become etched on the face."

The final part of the treatment is the Zone Therapy. This works with magical tools inspired by Japanese facial techniques. Rollers, gua sha tools and crystal wands bring another layer entirely to the treatment encouraging circulation, naturally stimulates collagen and elastin production. The techniques used sculpt the neckline, smoothing and lifting the face. It is non-evasive but more importantly it encourages beauty from the inside out. The treatment is then finished by taking slow and deep breaths whilst sweetgrass is burned for good spirits and positive energies.

Elaine Chisnall : “My twist on the treatment is to really encourage my clients to dig deep. If the client is into spirituality then we can start by playing with Angel Cards, asking for guidance, setting intentions for the treatment and the future. I may lend them or ask them to look at books, articles, documentaries, films etc that may be beneficial in their personal growth post treatment. Also I offer aftercare advice.”

FEELING PROUD!!!!! Thank you @eyesofladywimbledon & the beautiful @alicelucybradley for the write up of my treatment ✨ #Repost @eyesofladywimbledon with @get_repost ・・・ 5 Best Facials in the #Wimbledon area | Zone Therapy Facial | This beautiful facial by @elainegracetherapies is a bespoke treatment pioneering a new way to naturally age well and lift the face, combining ancient and modern techniques. Why not give the ultimate gift to yourself, or someone you love with a #ZoneTherapyFacial 💆🏼‍♀️ You can read more about the best facials by #blogger @alicelucybradley on #EyesOfLadyW #EyesOfLadyWimbledon #zonetherapy #WimbledonVillage #Merton #SW19 #London #SouthWestLondon #LifestyleBlog #LifestyleBlogger #LifestyleBloggers #UKBlog #UKBloggers #BloggersUK #BloggersLife #beauty #spa #facial #crystalhealing
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Typically clients who go for Elaine’s Zone Therapy treatment will come in seeking to resolve one thing and after the consultation and the facial, they leave having resolved a lot of other issues too. She continues: “I sincerely believe we carry around so much emotional baggage and often physical symptoms are as a result of meta-physical issues we haven't addressed.”

Results can be seen from just one treatment, however a full 12 week programme is available. The programme will work on the basis of making changes for a lifetime. Why not give the ultimate gift to yourself, or someone you love with a Zone Therapy Facial.

Natural Health Centre 361 West Barnes Lane, New Malden, KT3 6JF

Visit Elaine Grace Therapies online or find them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Disclaimer: This experience was gifted. All views and opinions are my own.

Friday, January 18, 2019

Be a Girl Boss in a Fredafunk LBD

So it's 2019 and I am back on the blog after what seems like forever.

It's crazy how quickly your priorities shift and change over time and things that would normally be at the top of your list end up at the bottom, or worse, not making the cut.

It is so easy to get wrapped up in the worry that if we don't complete the many things we try so hard to cram into our daily lives (for fear of experiencing guilt or feeling that we are somewhat failing at life), that these tasks will no longer be something we find enjoyable, and will be just another thing on the to-do list.

I was worried for a while that I had lost my blog to other (boring) daily tasks and that one day I would just not post anymore. But with a little bit of time off I was able to see very quickly that the passion for my own writing platform had not diminished.

I have vowed this year that I will not pressure myself with numbers and trying to meet unrealistic expectations that will make me want to resent blogging altogether.

Instead, I am going to focus on producing uplifting, engaging and sometimes completely simple content that will showcase anything from what I'm wearing to where I'm travelling to. In 2019 I am fully accepting that life will carry me in all different directions and that it is OK to do things at a my own pace.

With this in mind, I have been focusing on dressing for my new mindset and nothing screams confidence more than a black dress.

I styled this Little Black Dress (LBD) from fashion brand Fredafunk because I wanted to go to work feeling totally empowered, but also incredibly comfy at the same time.

Check out my Instagram post here:

Long Sleeve Polo Neck Mini Dress, £25.99 | Fredafunk

Long Sleeve Polo Neck Mini Dress, £25.99 | Fredafunk

I truly believe you can never own too many black dresses, so shop my favourite Fredafunk LBD's below.

Liberty Dress, £49.99 | Fredafunk

Flounce One Shoulder Dress, £29.99 | Fredafunk

Long Sleeve Polo Neck Mini Dress, £25.99 | Fredafunk

Lottie Fishtail Dress, £124.99 | Fredafunk

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