Monday, July 11, 2016

Ealing Beer Festival 2016 //

Dear Readers,

What a week it has been! My weekend has been filled to the brim with London antics and it all started with the Ealing Beer Festival on Friday. 

After my shift at work I headed up to London to join my cousin and his girlfriend at the beer festival where anything goes. Upon entering I had to pay a fee of £8 and then was given a pint glass to start drinking away. 

Their admission prices range from £3 for CAMRA members, £5 for non members. In addition there is a £3 refundable deposit on the glass.

First I opted for a fruity cherry infused beer which was so palatable and refreshing. It didn't seem to last me long. Then I tried a selection of ciders ranging from very dry to very sweet.  

The barman then gave us a dry cider to cleanse our palates. I definitely did not enjoy it as it smelt rather musty and left quite an odd and persistent aftertaste. Instead I chose a local cider which was the sweetest in the range. It was thick, full bodied and tasted similar to a cloudy apple juice. Perfection.

They also had a lovely selection of foods too, but I wasn't particularly hungry so I just opted to drink.

I highly recommend the beer festival as the atmosphere is lovely and it is packed with like-minded beer and cider lovers.

So remember it for next summer!

Stay Sweet,

Alice xx


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