Sunday, December 31, 2017

5 Ways To Start The New Year Off Fresh //

Dear Readers,

With new year looming, I thought I would share five easy ways to start your new year off to a fresh start.

1. Unfollow people you no longer need to follow
Let's be real here, do we really need to go into a new year following people on social media we no longer associate ourselves with? The answer is no. It might seem like an awkward thing to do at first, but cutting ties with those we no longer see as adding value to our lives can be an exhilarating experience. I promise, you won't miss a thing.

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2. Get yourself a new diary/planner
There's nothing more motivating than a fresh new planner or diary. Get yourself a cute one from Kikki K or Kate Spade and start getting into a routine of using it daily to plan your days, weeks and months in advance.

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3. Write a list of resolutions or goals for the next year
Lists are a great way of clearing your mind of all the goals you intend to achieve. Write yourself a list of all your intentions for the year and keep it where you can see it everyday. It will be a constant reminder of what you want to achieve.

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4. Clear out your house/bedroom
I don't know why, but new year brings a out a ruthless side of me. I find myself throwing away things I have been hoarding for far too long. Take the time to tidy, cull and rearrange your room or house. After all, a tidy house equals a tidy mind.

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5. Finish what you started
Now this might seem like the most annoying thing to have to do, but it is important for your own peace of mind that you finish what you started. Whether it's errands that need to be run or completing commitments you said yes to back in the previous year. Cross off your old to-do list and you'll feel so much better for it.

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What are you waiting for? Let's get ready to smash 2018!

Stay Sweet,

Alice xx

Friday, December 29, 2017

7 Ways To Tell You Have a Work Best Friend //

Dear Readers,

There is no greater bond than the bond that comes from a work best friend. Their presence can be an empowering one. After all it is important to have someone that you can trust and confide in within your work environment. They'll be the spark of positivity during a rough day and with them, your whole work dynamic changes and here's why:


1. Monday Blues Don't Exist
Gone are the feelings of dread when Monday rolls around. Instead you are looking forward to seeing your work bestie and catching her/him up on all your latest life events, plans and how you are going to slay the week.

2. You Find Every Opportunity to be Productive
Whilst it is great to take your lunch breaks as a time to catch up on social media, with a work best friend you are more likely to do something productive with your lunch break. Whether its trying out a new place to get lunch or plotting world domination (or at least your next promotion), a real work best friend will keep things interesting and will always be keen to keep you working to your best standard.

3. You network together

You and your work bestie are always looking for ways to grow and what better way than by networking. Due to your similar attributions, you are never short of a few contacts to share.

4. You have someone to trust
Having someone to trust in your workplace is a relaxing thought. It is reassuring to know that if it is just not your day, that you have someone to confide in. It's important to have someone to check in with and keep you positive.

5. You learn to value one another's presence
You'll know you've found a work best friend when they're suddenly not there. A day off or a sick day will make you realise how integral your work best is to your workplace. Show them you care by treating them to lunch or bringing some flowers to her desk.

6. They keep you motivated
According to 75 per cent of employees who have a best friend at work say they feel they're able to take anything on, compared to 58 per cent of those who don't have a work best friend.

7. Work events are never boring or awkward
Let's be honest here, some work events can be a little awkward. But with your work bestie in the mix, you'll feel more confident talking and interacting with others.

If you have a work best friend, be sure to share this post with them. If you are yet to find yourself a special someone, then talk to your colleagues, offer to go to lunch with them. If all else fails bring cake into the office and you'll definitely make some friends that way.

Stay Sweet,

Alice xx


Thursday, December 28, 2017

15 Last Minute New Year's Eve Looks //

Dear Readers,

Are you still looking for the perfect New Year's Eve look? Then look no further, I have compiled a list of super cute pieces you can purchase in time for the big night.

Don't panic, all the garments below can be purchased with next day delivery so if you shop the links in the captions asap, you will get your outfit in time. 


Peace + Love Sequin High Neck Sequin Dress, £75 (Was £150) | Missguided

Black One Shoulder Midi Dress, £25 | Missguided
Peace + Love Nude Strappy Embellished Wide Leg Jumpsuit, £75 (Was £150) | Missguided
Nude Sequin Mesh Mini Dress
Nude Sequin Mesh Mini Dress, £35 | Missguided

Pink Bardot Foldover Wrap Dress, £25 | Missguided

Missy Empire:

Missyempire - Rivinda Wine Large Sequin Slip Dress

Rivinda Wine Large Sequin Slip Dress, £42 | Missy Empire

Missyempire - Carly Red Tuxedo Mini Dress

Carly Red Tuxedo Mini Dress, £41 | Missy Empire

Missyempire - Bethany Black High Neck Gold Embellished Sheer Midi Dress

Bethany Black High Neck Gold Embellished Sheer Midi Dress, £28 | Missy Empire

Pretty Little Thing:
Red Tassel Sequin Bodycon Dress, £35 | Pretty Little Thing

Silver Bandeau Sequin Feather Trim Bodycon Dress, £60 | Pretty Little Thing

Black Tassel Detail Halterneck Bodycon Dress, £35 | Pretty Little Thing

Teal Square Neck Sequin Bodycon Dress, £35 | Pretty Little Thing

Red Sequin Extreme Split Plunge Maxi Dress, £50 | Pretty Little Thing


Sequined dress - Dark powder pink - Ladies | H&M GB 1
Sequined Dress, £69.99 | H&M

One Shoulder Bodycon Dress, £12 | Topshop

Well girls, you better get shopping.

Stay Sweet,

Alice xx


Fragrances I'll Be Wearing in 2018 //

Dear Readers,

There is nothing I love more than receiving new fragrances at Christmas. I have to say I get extremely excited when I receive more than one, because this gives me the opportunity to play around with scents. Not to mention the fact that I get some cute new bottles to place on my dressing table. 

This post is going to show you the three new fragrances I was gifted this year and what they smell like. Perhaps this will inspire you to purchase your own fragrance to wear into the new year.

chanel, perfume, and beauty image

Gucci Bloom (50ml):
I was gifted the Gucci Bloom gift set which includes the roller ball version too. The scents include a base of tuberose. It is backed by Jasmine and Rangoon Creeper Ivy or Chinese Honeysuckle (Combretum Indicum) that is reported to have never been used in the perfume industry before. Usually I dislike floral fragrances, but  after smelling this fragrance at every opportunity when I saw it in a store or airport, I would fall in love with it. I am so excited to wear this chic scent in 2018.

Gucci Bloom, £59.99 | The Perfume Shop
Marc Jacobs Decadence (30ml):
Inside the handbag shaped bottle of Decadence, which features a green textured python cap, a gold chain and a black tassel, the scent is a mature progression from Marc Jacob's previous scents. "With a sultry top note of succulent Italian plum, golden Saffron and velvety Iris, the heart of the fragrance is a bouquet of rich Rose that works alongside with lush orris and creamy nuances of Jasmine sambac. Sexy liquid amber, heady vetiver and warm papyrus woods dry down to a signature of sophisticated indulgence."

Marc Jacobs Decadence (Per 100ml), £98 | The Perfume Shop

Cashmere Rose (100ml):
If you haven't bought a Zara perfume yet, then you are seriously missing a trick. Their scents are insanely cheap and smell incredible. During the year I have been expanding my perfume collection with their sprays, perfumes and roller balls. 

The newest addition to my collection is the Cashmere Rose scent. Firstly, its packaging is very appealing and features a bottle bound in fitted leather casing and is embossed in silver. The scent itself is playful and its main notes feature cherry, peony and vanilla.

Cashmere Rose, £15.99 | Zara
I would love to know what fragrances you will be wearing in 2018. Let me know in the comments below.

Stay Sweet,

Alice xx


Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Brands To Watch: Phya //

Dear Readers,

In today's post I want to share with you a brand which has been recently introduced to me. Phya is a Thai brand, established by Jirayong Anuman-Rajadhon. As the Creative and Design Director at Phya, she has taken her experience as an investment banker to create pieces which focus on functionality and style. 

Phya stands firmly as a brand that works closely with craftsmanship and quality materials to produce pieces that stand strong against other designers. The hexagonal beehive-dwelling logo reflects the brands stance on being made for a queen bee.

Shop the Phya collection

Image result for Jirayong Anuman-Rajadhon
Jirayong Anuman-Rajadhon

Image result for phya

Image result for phya

Related image

Stay Sweet,

Alice xx


Advice & Tips For Conducting a Phone Interview //

Dear Readers,

I thought I would share how I conduct phone interviews and what little tips and tricks I have learnt along the way to ensure they are successful and run smoothly.


Some of you will need to be able to utilise this skill as part of your job, in particular people working in the journalism profession, so these tips are very useful for developing phone etiquette.


Good Equipment is Essential:

In order to ensure you get a crisp and clear recording, you will need good equipment. I recommend the following.

You Will Need:

- Phone (Mobile or Landline) - I prefer to use a mobile as it has better functionality during a phone call. You will also find you will have other options such as WiFi, should your signal be poor, and vice versa. 

- Recording Device - When working from home, I tend to record interviews from my laptop. It has a great recording device built in and makes for easy transcription. You can also use a Dictaphone to store recordings. I prefer to use Dictaphone's only when I do not have access to my laptop.

- Storage Device - Save and back up files on an external hard drive. You can never be too organised when it comes to ensuring you have copies of recordings.

- Pen & Paper - I know everything is digital these days, but having a pen and paper with you whilst you are listening to the interviewee helps for jotting down those key quotes and any additional notes, ideas or questions that spring to mind whilst the person is talking.


The Perfect Set Up:
It is so important that you choose to do your phone interview in a quiet place, away from other interfering background noises. As the sound coming from a phone will be distinctively muffled, you need to make sure you are limiting any other sounds from making the recording harder to transcribe.

Plan Everything:
Having your questions written out in a chronological way means that you will be able to keep the interview focused and prevent both yourself and the interviewee going off on a tangent. Try not to stick to it too religiously however, as that can suggest that you are not paying attention to the responses of the interviewee. You may find that their answers encourage you to ask an entirely different question, so just use it as a rough guide.

One of the biggest lessons I learnt when it came to planning, is you can never have enough questions. Come up with more than you think you will need and I will guarantee you, you will use them all up.

I also keep hold of all the questions I have ever asked and store them on file for certain types of interview. For example, when interviewing a band about an album release, I can manipulate the question to suit the artist. It's a great way to save yourself time for future interviews.

Have a Back-Up Plan:
More often than not, things just won't go to plan. Your Dictaphone can run out of memory, your phone can die whilst it's recording...anything can happen. My biggest piece of advice is to have a back-up plan in place. But make sure you have it recording the entire thing so there is no missing segments of the interview. You can listen back to the recordings, keep the clearer version and erase the back up.


Make Your Presence Known:
The first main issue you will face with a phone interview, is the communication barriers. There is no way to silently reassure the speaker that you are paying attention with body language like eye contact or the occasional nod of the head. Make sure to be extra polite when speaking to the person on the phone as you both cannot see physical body language and expressions.

Reassure and Acknowledge the Interviewee:
This is so important when conducting an interview. Make sure to make distinct grunts and occasional phrases like 'Yes' and 'Mmm'. Not only does this confirm to the interviewee that they are actually being listened to, but it will naturally make the conversation less awkward. 

It is important though, that you do not make too many of these noises or interject with speech and cause overlaps. This makes it incredibly hard to deduce what is being said when you can hear two people's voices on the recording.

Interviewing a Group:
My biggest advice when interviewing a group of people, like a band for instance, would be to get the group to say their name before they speak. That way you do not misquote anyone and you can create distinctive sentences.

Archive Everything
OK so the interview may have been conducted and published six months but that doesn't mean you should delete the recording. Often they become good points of reference and should you receive any questions regarding quotes, you have evidence to support the person said what they did.

I hope this has been useful and restored some confidence into how to conduct a good phone interview.

Let me know in the comments below if you would like to read more journalism related posts.

Stay Sweet,

Alice xx


Thursday, December 14, 2017

Trend or Trash? Missy Empire Popper Trousers //

Dear Readers,

After receiving a special delivery from my girls at Missy Empire, I thought I would show you the trousers I was sent and how I like to style them.

Trend or Trash? TREND
Shop My Look: Lace Bodysuit, £8 | Primark    Grey Fur Coat, £69.99 | Zara (Sold Out) - Similar Here    Chantelle Black Straight Leg Button Trousers, £33 | Missy Empire  High Heel Leather Ankle Boot, £79.99 | Zara

Popper pants are all the rage on social media at the moment, with every influencer sporting a pair on their night out or in a casual sports-luxe outfit to the airport.

Initially I was apprehensive about whether this trend would last. I first saw them surfacing on my Insta feed back in the summer and I loved the way bloggers were wearing them. Although I wasn't sure whether they would become a solid trend, they have continued to remain popular in the autumn and winter months, thanks to trend setters like the Kardashians wearing them on various occasions over the past few months.

Kim Kardashian wearing Adidas popper trousers. Kim chose to wear hers with a lace bodysuit, fishnet tights and open-toe heels for a much dressier look.

Off-Duty vibes - Kourtney opted for a black and red pair at LAX airport

I loved how Kim Kardashian styled her popper trousers, so I took to the shops to recreate her look for a fraction of the cost.

 Shop My Look:
Lace Bodysuit, £8 | Primark
Grey Fur Coat, £69.99 | Zara (Sold Out) - Similar Here
Chantelle Black Straight Leg Button Trousers, £33 | Missy Empire
High Heel Leather Ankle Boot, £79.99 | Zara


Kat Black Popper Red Stripe Trousers, £31 | Missy Empire

Regina Black Contrast Popper Trousers, £28 | Missy Empire

Ally Black Pinstripe Popper Trousers, £34 | Missy Empire

Raquel Red Popper White Stripe Trousers, £31 | Missy Empire

Don't forget to shop my look or shop the alternatives.

Stay Sweet,

Alice xx

Friday, December 01, 2017

Christmas Mood Board 2017 //

Dear Readers,

Firstly, Happy 1st Day of Christmas.

There is nothing more exciting than the build up to Christmas. When December rolls around I think of when I used to live in Canada and had snow up to my waist, the classical jazzy holiday music, the sparkly party dresses and the constant pouring of hot mulled wine and champagne.

I always use mood boards to inspire each season and this winter is no exception. So I thought why not share my mood boards with you and hopefully inspire you and get you all into the festive spirit. 

All images: WeHeartIt
Stay Festive & Stay Sweet,

Alice xx
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