Friday, January 05, 2018

Real Talk - What's Next With My Blog //

Dear Readers,

It's me again! I hope you are all enjoying the new posts that are currently up on my blog.

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In today's mini post, I wanted to talk about the future of my blog over the next year. I really hope to continue posting more frequently for you all as I love it so much. Blogging is such a therapeutic outlet and over the last three and half years it has become such a huge part of my life. I am going to continue to post on my blog as regularly over the next year, as much I can and in between my studies.

I want to make sure I am dedicating more time to creating consistent, quality content for you guys and that it is content you want to read.

So drop me a comment down below if you have any content ideas you would like to see on my blog, or specific topics you want me to cover. Don't forget you can comment on my Instagram or tweet me too.

Stay Sweet,

Alice xx

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