Wednesday, January 24, 2018

5 Ways To Furnish Your Home With Almost No Money //

Dear Readers,

I am here with another post about homeware. I am going to let you in on some easy tips on how to revamp your house, flat or uni accommodation, all whilst spending little money. 

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1. Decorate With Flowers

Flowers can really lift the spirit of a room and are a great way of injecting colour too. Bloom & Wild are an easy way to get flowers into your home without you even having to go out the door to purchase them. Shop my link here for 20% OFF.

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2. Accessorise With Cushions

Cushions are another simple way of changing up your interior and can be constantly swapped around to create new looks each time.

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Shop my favourite cushions below:

Buy John Lewis Komako Tree Cushion, Gold Online at
Komako Tree Cushion, Gold, £35 | John Lewis

Jacquard-weave cushion cover - Grey - Home All | H&M GB 1
Jacquard-Weave Cushion Cover, £8.99 | H&M

Velvet cushion cover - Blue - Home All | H&M GB 1
Blue Velvet Cushion Cover, £6.99 | H&M
Fringed cushion cover - Light pink - Home All | H&M GB 1
Pink Fringed Cushion, £8.99 | H&M

Tasselled cushion cover - Dusky green/White spotted - Home All | H&M GB 1
Dusky Green Tasselled Cushion Cover, £8.99 | H&M

3. Play With Prints

Prints transition seamlessly through season by season, so if you collect a range of prints throughout the year, you can work them into your space depending on the time of year you're in.

Check out my favourite prints for each season:

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Image result for spring prints cover


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4. Add Characterful Clutter

This tip can almost always be done for free because lets face it, over the years we will have purchased and collected items over time that fall into the category of 'clutter'. Instead of storing them away, pick out pieces that compliment each other. Another great tip to characterful clutter is playing with the height levels and textures of pieces.
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5. Upcycle Hand-Me-Downs or Old Furniture

I love finding cheap or second hand furniture because this is where your best pieces transform. I recently did a workshop at With Love and was able to learn a variety of different skills from sanding down properly to experimental painting techniques. I particularly love their range of Annie Sloane paints which elevate old, worn away pieces, offering them a new lease of life. The paints are available at my favourite local furniture shop With Love.

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Stay Sweet,

Alice xx


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