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How To Style A Hoodie To Look Chic //

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Hoodies are a staple garment in all women's wardrobes, whether we choose to wear them out of the house or not. But if you have nightmares of wearing your fave hoodie out in public with a pair of stretched leggings and trainers, think again. I have curated some great styling tips in this post that will guarantee you look chic in your hoodie.

Throw a denim jacket on top:
This is one of the easiest outfit options you can pick because the denim jacket is another essential staple every woman owns. To ensure you look extra cool, tuck the base of your hoodie in so that it does not protrude from the underneath of your denim jacket. 

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Tuck it into a mini skirt:
It's so simple, so cosy and still manages to come together as a killer outfit. To up the ante on this look, play with textures and materials of the skirt and it will elevate the entire ensemble. Check out this Missy Empire skirt if you like the look of the inspo photo.

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Layer it under a trench coat or dust jacket:
Add layers to your look by wearing your hoodie under your favourite trench coat or dust jacket. It has an effortlessly chic  streetwear vibe whilst also keeping you warm.

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Sport it as a dress:
I absolutely love this trend and have seen so many girls look incredible wearing hoodies as dresses. My top tip for pulling this look off is to go oversized. When trying on your potential hoodie dress make sure that when you raise your arms up, you are not exposing too much skin. Also, opt for a pair of knee high boots or single strap heels. Both will elongate your legs and balance your frame.

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