Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Hat-Trick - The 3 Hats You Need In Your Wardrobe This Season //

Dear Readers,

Today's post is all about three hat styles I have seen all over social media lately and I just love how they are being worn. 

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Hats are such an underrated accessory and can elevate any outfit, so check out my top picks for each style.

1. The Beret 

The Inspiration:

Shop Similar:

Image result for asos beret#
Wool Beret, £10 | ASOS

Image result for asos beret#
Wool Beret In Red With Leather Look Bound Edge, £10 | ASOS

Image result for asos beret#
Wool Beret, £10 | ASOS

2. The Baker Boy Hat

The Inspiration:

Shop Similar:
Borg Baker Boy Hat, £16 | Topshop
Contrast Baker Boy Hat, £15 | Topshop
Checked Baker Boy Hat, £15 | Topshop

3. The Cloche Hat

The Inspiration:

Marc Jacobs

Shop Similar:

Ladies Eye-catching Wool Cloche Hat, £19 (Was £39) | JJ's House

Ladies' Beautiful Wool With Bowknot Bowler/Cloche Hat, £19 (Was £38) | JJ's House

Stephen Jones Cloche Hat, £222 (Was £555) | Marc Jacobs

Stay Sweet,

Alice xx

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