Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Valentine's Day - Be Your Own Valentine //

Dear Readers,

Don't worry, this isn't a feeble attempt at gaining pity. Instead I am reaching out to all you unattached women out there, to show you how you can turn Valentine's Day into a day of self-love and self-indulgence. If you are in a relationship, then good on you girl. But if you connect on a spiritual level with protagonists like Bridget Jones and Carrie Bradshaw, then continue reading this post. 

I am a total romantic. I love the over-the-top floral bouquets, the intimate dinners and the feeling of an entwined cuddle...but sometimes life doesn't work that way and you're sat at home with your Waitrose Wine and Dine for two, ironically for one. As I have always been a woman who will not wait for a person to make something happen for me, I sought to spend a little money on myself in the days leading up to Valentine's Day. You certainly do not need to splurge to really treat yourself, so find things that make you feel good. 

Below are some of my 'Treat Yo' Self' picks: 
I am a sucker for lingerie. This Primark bra sent me into a lace-induced fit. Primark - £8

Primark - £5

Primark - £5

So I may not be a french dancer, but I can sing along to my favourite romantic musicals. Moulin Rouge is an absolute must.
Heart-shaped candy is always a good idea.

Bra & Knickers : Pink Lace Bombshell // Satin Robe: Official Victoria's Secret Show Robe (Unavailable, but similar here)

Antique-Pink Lace Bombshell courtesy of Victoria's Secret

Another box set which I think every woman uses to take relationship advice from.

Hotel Chocolat really had my back with this fondue set (more items were included but I ate them...sorry).

Roses are red...you know the rest.

Another favourite love story. I have my A-Level English Literature teacher to thank for that.

Yet another Primark delight. This rouge baby doll is a lot of fun.
Primark - £10 (Includes matching thong) 

Take time to relax with a bath bomb
Or do a Blair Waldorf and eat Ladurée Macarons in the bath

Stay Sweet & Love Yourself,

Alice xx

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