Sunday, February 26, 2017

How To Have A Productive Sunday //

Dear Readers,

I love a good lazy Sunday as much as the next person. The one's where you don't do much except lounge around in a tracksuit and watch those random black & white films from the 50's that are always on ITV4, simply because there's nothing else on. However, most of the time I’m not able to afford one of these nonchalant weekends.

Outfit Planning is a great way to get yourself organised

I would love to do nothing for the whole weekend and not feel guilty about it. Unfortunately, I usually have a lot to do. I'll write myself a huge list of tasks to get done, but somehow I find myself getting out of bed late, making a ton of food to procrastinate tackling the seemingly endless list of stuff to do and before I know it, it's suddenly 4pm.

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Yeah, that sounds just way too familiar, doesn’t it? I want to be that 'I've got my shit together' productive Sunday unicorn who has things organised for the following week and makes something of their Sunday.

Here are some of the things I like to do, to at least feel like I have my life together:

1. Plan your entire week of outfits - That way, you won't have that Monday morning panic because you forgot to put something in the wash that you wanted to wear.
2. Workout - I mention working out in a lot of my posts. I'm not a fitness guru, but I do know that a little exercise can go a long way and really make you feel great after.

3. Put clothes on - if you lounge about all day in your pyjamas, you are less likely to get into a productive mood for working. Have a shower and get some clothes on.
4. Go food shopping - C'mon now, no one likes to do their shopping. But if you get your weeks groceries done through meal planning, you'll avoid buying unnecessary items that just never come together to make a meal. It also prevents you wasting food too!

5. Shorten that to-do list - If you see that you have a million things to do, it will put you off. Instead break down what must be done, and write those all down. The list will be shorter and you'll feel better when you see them ticked off your list.

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Stay Sweet,

Alice xx

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