Monday, February 06, 2017

The xx - 'I See You' Album Review //

The long awaited, dream pop third child has been brought into the world, and what a masterpiece it is. You can expect the nostalgically soft echoes of Romy Madley Croft's voice, Oliver Sim's dreamy bass and Jamie xx's iconic trip-hop beats.

The XX - 'I See You' (2017)

There is a clear shift in tone, as the album is more of a positive one. Whilst we previously sought to shed tears with iconic tracks like 'Angels' and 'Shelter', this 2017 album promises heart throbbing beats in tracks like 'Lips' and 'I Dare You', which make you want to sway into an abyss of movement.

There is an undercurrent of self-actualisation and rich confidence which leaves you wanting to play the album on a continuous loop. The XX have and will continue to create a soundtrack to the lives of many. It is done yet again, so effortlessly with 'I See You'. Fragility and self-doubt are still themes within their songs, however these darker emotions are conveyed in such a way that they are mystically entwined around the complexity of upbeat EDM sounds.

The title of the album is indeed a symbolic notion of how the trio are looking back at their former selves. Unlike the timidness reflected in their first two albums 'xx' (2009) and 'Coexist' (2012), The XX are putting themselves to the forefront of a synthesized revolution. It is as though they have surpassed their endearing shyness and can now see themselves for the successes that they really are. This album is most definitely a move forward, which draws them out of the darkness and into the light.


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