Monday, August 28, 2017

Travel Diaries - Rome Outfit Of The Day //

Dear Readers,

I am currently sat in a little café in the Vatican, writing this mini post for you all after wandering through the museum. The Vatican is so rich with Italian history, as you are able to see some incredible architecture, statues and famous paintings including the work of Salvador Dali and Leonardo Da Vinci.

These photo's were taken in one of the many courtyards in the Vatican.

Floral Blouse, £24.99 | Zara, Sarah Pink Suede Overlay Ruffled Frill Shorts, £24.99 | Missy Empire, Fur Sliders, £5 | Primark

I am in love with the versatility of this outfit. The floral blouse is actually long enough to be worn like a dress. Please note though that the material is very sheer and has multiple slits in it, so I would recommend you wear a slip underneath (if worn as a dress) or with a bralet and shorts (if worn as a floaty blouse).

I paired the blouse with my silver Primark mesh bra and the 'Aliona Pink Overlay Ruffled Frill Shorts' £26 from Missy Empire, which looks like a skirt when worn.

It has been incredibly hot here in Rome, with the temperature reaching as hot as 38°c. I'm not quite sure how my makeup is still on my face, because it is so hot. That combined with lots of walking, sightseeing and photograph taking, I am guaranteed to end up a sweaty mess.

More updates to come I promise, but for now I must run and catch the bus back to our hotel - Hotel d'inghilterra.

Stay Sweet,

Alice xx


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  1. Very nice outfit . Did you buy the outfits on the same day? They go together so well. Nice to see the furry slides from an earlier post. You certainly have style and flair.-xx


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