Thursday, August 24, 2017

Bloom & Wild - Floral Memories //

Dear Readers,

The idea behind today's post is to share with you some photo's of memories in which flowers have featured. I thought what better memories to show you than of some family wedding photo's through the generations.

I have always adored looking through family albums and wedding scrapbooks and there are plenty of photo's to show you. However I decided to refine them down and display my favourites.

This post was inspired by Bloom & Wild, who have asked followers to get involved and post their #FloralMemories to Instagram.

My Great Great Nanny Marsh (Aptly named Lily) with her husband Albert Edwards Marsh (1919). Their wedding was held when Albert was back after fighting in the First World War. 


I didn't realise until I had had a discussion with my Mum and Nan about what images I could include, that they both told me of the wedding tradition all the brides on my Mother's side of the family did with their bouquets.

Every bride carried white Stephanotis flowers in their bouquet and somehow it developed to become a tradition in my family spanning over four generations (so far). I wonder if I choose to carry the tradition on and carry Stephanotis in my bouquet?

The traditional Stephanotis flower used in all the bridal bouquets

My Great Grandad (Gar-Gar) and my Great Grandma (Nanny Ings) on their wedding day. It took place whilst Gar-Gar was on leave during the Second World War. Due to rationing, their wedding cake was made out of cardboard and the wedding was turned around very quickly so they could get married before he went back off to war.

My Nan being given away by my Great Grandad (known in the family as Gar-Gar)

My Nan & Grandad at their traditional church wedding 

My Nan with her bridal bouquet including white Stephanotis and Red Roses

My Nan and Great Grandad (Gar-Gar) at the same church, being given away for her 40th wedding anniversary vowel renewal

My beautiful Mum and Dad's wedding at The Nutfield Priory in Surrey

My Mum on her wedding day

My Mum & Dad - Here my Mum is pictured holding her large floral bouquet featuring the Stephanotis flower.

I hope you enjoyed looking through these images from my #FloralMemories. Be sure to tag Bloom & Wild in your images and use the hashtag #FloralMemories.

Stay Sweet,

Alice xx

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  1. What a lovely post. It has encouraged me to go and find my family wedding photo's and make a montage.-xx


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