Thursday, August 10, 2017

12 Room Interiors That Will Inspire Your Next Redecoration //

Dear Readers,

I constantly look to sites like WeHeartIt to get inspired, particularly when it comes to interior design and home decor. Below are 12 images that I know will inspire your next redecoration.


1. This image calls to me in so many ways. Firstly, coloured sofas add so much personality to a living space. The bolder and more textured the sofa, the more statement it makes.

Layering pastel cushions lifts the colour of the sofa and creates a feminine aesthetic.

I also love the large prints on the wall - Their simplicity distract and mute the emphasis of the bold sofa and balance the room perfectly.


2. Again, another statement sofa. I love how much layering is used in this room; from the fur, patterned blankets and eclectic pillows on the pink sofa, to the table accessories. 

It is important when creating organised clutter on your work surfaces, that you play with the height levels, colours and textures of the items. This leaves it with a more artistic aesthetic.


3. I love the minimalism of this room. The main focus remains on the wooden table, wooden floor and brick wall. If you find yourself living somewhere with period features such as external walls or beams, use them to your advantage. The large print attracts the eye immediately to the wall, whilst the low-hanging lights bring another focus to the dining table. Low-hanging lights are also incredibly fashionable to have in homes at the moment.


4. I think this entire property is incredible. But on a more realistic level, I love the simple wooden garden furniture. 

I also really like the attention to detail on the garden itself, the clean lines and landscaping makes this property even more appealing. There are affordable alternatives for the round plants and large terracotta pots too, which definitely add elegance.


5. For those of you who want to say a lot with their room decor, you should take inspiration from this picture. Although it does come across as quite a busy room with colour, texture and pattern, it does somehow work well together. It has a lot of personality.

If you are too scared to go all out, then take parts of this look you like and make it your perfect room. Personally I am drawn to the fuchsia footstool. 


6. The blue and grey tones of this room are great for a more subtle sophistication. Working with finer patterns, like this blue bedding, also helps to add depth to a room without being too overbearing. The studding on the headboard also adds character to the bed.


7. If you're looking to warm up a room, go for gold plated ornaments and work with a more natural colour palette which includes a lot of browns or oranges. Leopard print always makes a comeback during Autumn/Winter, so make a statement with animal print accent cushions.


8. It's so important that we don't forget about the bathroom. Keep this as minimalistic as possible, as more often than not, we are not blessed with a lot of space. Stick to natural tones, like this mocha colour on the walls. You can also bring some life back into the room by adding a potted plant or smaller plants for the windowsill.


9. Your outdoor space is just as important as your indoor space. Although we haven't been very blessed this past month with the weather, I would love to see more people experimenting with outdoor rugs and coffee tables. It's such an easy way to bring more life to your garden and is ideal for BBQ's and parties.


10. There is something so appealing about this bedroom. I don't normally opt for cream furnishings, but I think in this instance it works so well to create a soft, inviting space. 

Liven areas of your room up with different height plants and flowers.


11. The gold art-deco lamp in the corner of this picture struck me first. It is such a simple design, yet it brings so much character to the room. Statement lamps are a great way to accessorise and brighten up a room on a budget.


12. If you're looking for somewhere to put all your new found accessories, then a coffee table is essential for any living space. Keep it clean like this white and silver piece or go quirky and experiment with shape and colour. The possibilities are endless.


I hope you enjoyed looking through these images for some #roomspiration. Let me know in the comments below which image you liked most and what you will be recreating in your home.

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Stay Sweet,

Alice xx



  1. Lots of ideas here, Alice, for me when I redecorate my bedroom. Love your blog! S.K.

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