Sunday, September 04, 2016

Sarah Ashcroft x Missguided Review //

Dear Readers,

After successfully managing to buy something from Sarah Ashcroft's much awaited collection whilst I was waiting in the queue for a ride at Alton Tower's, I thought it was as good a time as any to get splurging.
The collection, which is in collaboration with Missguided comprises of muted pastels, bodycon and slim fit dresses, sweats and bomber jackets that would make every Insta-girl jealous. 

It is clear the Sarah Ashcroft has taken inspiration from the clothes that she wears herself, so if you often find yourself stalking her Instagram feed for fashion inspo then her range is the perfect place to start. From her luxe mesh dresses to her co-ord sweats, there is definitely something for everyone to try that offers a flavour of her style.

I was slightly underwhelmed however with the amount of products available. Maybe I expected to be able to just inherit her lavish wardrobe or perhaps it was the slight lack of variety which put me off.

Although, I did manage to find a product in her range which gave me the 'I NEED IT RIGHT NOW' vibe, so I purchased it without hesitation.

The Silky Long Sleeve Wrap Dress Pink, £35, arrived at my house the following day and I opened it excitably and stripped off to try it on. 

Now this is where it got awkward. I found that I could not, for the life of me, do up the zip, which was situated down the centre of my back. I then beckoned over my brother to attempt doing it up. Still nothing would budge. I then asked my brother and my Dad to do it up and still no luck. It wasn't until I took it off that I realised that I could just about do it up this way due to the positioning of the zipper and the waistband of the dress. After a lot of kerfuffle and careful arm movements I was able to get the dress over my head and on me without the need to fully unzip the dress. 

So if you are as stubborn as I am when it comes to admitting that some clothes just don't work out, then this dress is something you can purchase. But, if you are a realist and can't accept the fact that no man will ever be able to undress you in this item, then steer well clear. Sorry Sarah!

I am not sure whether it is the design of this dress that caused the issue or whether my item had a slight fault. Either way, that is the risk you take with online shopping, particularly when it is for a popular collection with limited stock.

Overall, I do really love this dress as the style and finish of the dress is sophisticated and the dusty pink is suitable for the Autumnal Pastels trend which is gracing our stores now.

If you choose any items from Sarah Ashcroft's collection then let me know in the comments below.

Stay Sweet,

Alice xx 


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