Thursday, June 23, 2016

The EU: More Than Just 'In' or 'Out'

Dear Readers,

I really felt like I needed to discuss a much more serious issue that has been pressing on my mind lately. This week, those eligible will be voting in one of the most unpredictable votes of our generation; the EU Referendum.

Now I understand this is something completely subjective, so I know that people will have opposing arguments, however this is not what this post is about. I am not here to push my political views to my readers. Instead I am urging one big thing. Do your research.

I didn't realise the severity of the situation until I was working one of my many jobs (which I shall not name) when I overheard a conversation amongst a family about the EU Referendum. A young girl similar to me in age was completely convinced that she wanted to stay in the EU purely on the basis of something she had seen on Facebook. I immediately knew what she was about to say as I had seen the post circulating on my feed, that Mars Magic Stars list on their packaging that 'Product should not be sold outside the EU'. Firstly, after researching into this supposed 'reason' I found it to be false. Secondly, is this really a reason to stay in?

Now I am not putting this forward as a reason to leave, I am just trying to get my head around the fact that an impressionable young person was actually justifying such an important decision on the basis of some factually incorrect Facebook post. 

That is why I am writing so frantically and to the point. If you are going to be voting today, please have a valid reason for staying in or out. 

Below I have listed some explanatory videos which I hope can aid your understanding. I know it does not begin to scratch the surface, but if it can help someone come to a conclusion with their vote then I have done my job.

I also urge that even if you have made up your mind, you still read into both arguments before you make your final decision, as most often than not articles that only portray one side will most likely be extremely bias. They can ignore vital factors or statistics which could appose other figures. As we know from the high quantity of news coverage we've had to endure from every channel, there seems to be a lot of data flung around which pulls us from one side to the other.

This undertone of bias is also present within each and every newspaper and magazine you choose to pick up and read. An article in The Sun will definitely differ from an article in The Daily Mirror.

So please, educate yourselves on both sides before you make your final decision today. I also urge that you don't believe everything you see in the media (especially if you found it circulating from an unknown source on Facebook). 

- Alice Bradley

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