Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Dior Lipstick Collection //

Dear Readers,

I have come to the realisation that without lipstick on, I am bare. Lipsticks have become an essential to my everyday makeup look and can bring so much life back into my face (even on the most mentally draining of days), so I tend to invest a lot of money in finding the perfect shade to wear to death. 

For a good two years, I was set on the idea that MAC lipsticks were faultless, offering me a range of dream lipsticks that could not disappoint. But recently I have found that their consistencies don't feel the same and tend to bleed soon after I apply them.

Since then, I have been in a limbo, wearing lipsticks that aren't my version of perfect and don't give me the boost of confidence I seriously need. Who knew the colour of your lips could mean so much!

Of course I couldn't let my lip game slip, so I set out on a voyage to try every lipstick I could at any available makeup counter. If there's anything I'd recommend, is that you spend a whole day dedicated to hopping to every counter, until you find the prince charming of makeup products. Again, this process is completely dependent on your tastes, skin colour and skin types so feel free to work with different cosmetic brands.

It was no surprise that I would end up sat at a Dior counter falling hard for the Dior Fluid Stick Lipsticks. Due to my love for the texture and staying power, I knew I could invest in a selection of shades. 

Listed below are the shades I bought, along with their names. The link below also sends you straight to the lipsticks, so you can find your dream shade today.

It would be great to hear your feedback if you choose to try out the Fluid Stick.

Feel free to comment below or tweet me @alice_bradley2 

Stay Sweet,

Alice xx 


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