Friday, December 29, 2017

7 Ways To Tell You Have a Work Best Friend //

Dear Readers,

There is no greater bond than the bond that comes from a work best friend. Their presence can be an empowering one. After all it is important to have someone that you can trust and confide in within your work environment. They'll be the spark of positivity during a rough day and with them, your whole work dynamic changes and here's why:


1. Monday Blues Don't Exist
Gone are the feelings of dread when Monday rolls around. Instead you are looking forward to seeing your work bestie and catching her/him up on all your latest life events, plans and how you are going to slay the week.

2. You Find Every Opportunity to be Productive
Whilst it is great to take your lunch breaks as a time to catch up on social media, with a work best friend you are more likely to do something productive with your lunch break. Whether its trying out a new place to get lunch or plotting world domination (or at least your next promotion), a real work best friend will keep things interesting and will always be keen to keep you working to your best standard.

3. You network together

You and your work bestie are always looking for ways to grow and what better way than by networking. Due to your similar attributions, you are never short of a few contacts to share.

4. You have someone to trust
Having someone to trust in your workplace is a relaxing thought. It is reassuring to know that if it is just not your day, that you have someone to confide in. It's important to have someone to check in with and keep you positive.

5. You learn to value one another's presence
You'll know you've found a work best friend when they're suddenly not there. A day off or a sick day will make you realise how integral your work best is to your workplace. Show them you care by treating them to lunch or bringing some flowers to her desk.

6. They keep you motivated
According to 75 per cent of employees who have a best friend at work say they feel they're able to take anything on, compared to 58 per cent of those who don't have a work best friend.

7. Work events are never boring or awkward
Let's be honest here, some work events can be a little awkward. But with your work bestie in the mix, you'll feel more confident talking and interacting with others.

If you have a work best friend, be sure to share this post with them. If you are yet to find yourself a special someone, then talk to your colleagues, offer to go to lunch with them. If all else fails bring cake into the office and you'll definitely make some friends that way.

Stay Sweet,

Alice xx


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