Thursday, December 28, 2017

Fragrances I'll Be Wearing in 2018 //

Dear Readers,

There is nothing I love more than receiving new fragrances at Christmas. I have to say I get extremely excited when I receive more than one, because this gives me the opportunity to play around with scents. Not to mention the fact that I get some cute new bottles to place on my dressing table. 

This post is going to show you the three new fragrances I was gifted this year and what they smell like. Perhaps this will inspire you to purchase your own fragrance to wear into the new year.

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Gucci Bloom (50ml):
I was gifted the Gucci Bloom gift set which includes the roller ball version too. The scents include a base of tuberose. It is backed by Jasmine and Rangoon Creeper Ivy or Chinese Honeysuckle (Combretum Indicum) that is reported to have never been used in the perfume industry before. Usually I dislike floral fragrances, but  after smelling this fragrance at every opportunity when I saw it in a store or airport, I would fall in love with it. I am so excited to wear this chic scent in 2018.

Gucci Bloom, £59.99 | The Perfume Shop
Marc Jacobs Decadence (30ml):
Inside the handbag shaped bottle of Decadence, which features a green textured python cap, a gold chain and a black tassel, the scent is a mature progression from Marc Jacob's previous scents. "With a sultry top note of succulent Italian plum, golden Saffron and velvety Iris, the heart of the fragrance is a bouquet of rich Rose that works alongside with lush orris and creamy nuances of Jasmine sambac. Sexy liquid amber, heady vetiver and warm papyrus woods dry down to a signature of sophisticated indulgence."

Marc Jacobs Decadence (Per 100ml), £98 | The Perfume Shop

Cashmere Rose (100ml):
If you haven't bought a Zara perfume yet, then you are seriously missing a trick. Their scents are insanely cheap and smell incredible. During the year I have been expanding my perfume collection with their sprays, perfumes and roller balls. 

The newest addition to my collection is the Cashmere Rose scent. Firstly, its packaging is very appealing and features a bottle bound in fitted leather casing and is embossed in silver. The scent itself is playful and its main notes feature cherry, peony and vanilla.

Cashmere Rose, £15.99 | Zara
I would love to know what fragrances you will be wearing in 2018. Let me know in the comments below.

Stay Sweet,

Alice xx


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