Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Into The Woods //

Dear Readers,

During my second year at university, I created a magazine as part of one of my modules. Myself and two other girls on my course (Georgia Evans and Molly Jang) came up with RAW, a vegan lifestyle magazine.

Into The Woods was the main fashion editorial and I thought it was still apt to share the photos with you on my blog.

It was an amazing opportunity to experiment with my photography and work with a particular concept in mind.

Into The Woods

Set amongst the sunstruck ferns, past the humming fields that lay in the distance, a whimsical figure stands at one with her surroundings. She has the power to seep into the organic landscape, whilst she embodies all that nature has to offer her. There is something so distinct about her appearance, as she distances herself from the bustling, musical shanty village. She is floating amongst the brush in ethically sourced cloth.

Modelled by Jessica Martin & Irena Parv
Photography by Alice Bradley

I hope you enjoyed scrolling through this lookbook. Click here to read the full magazine.
Stay Sweet,

Alice xx

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