Thursday, June 22, 2017

Innate-Essence Well-Being Shots //

Dear Readers,

Innate-Essence was first created over ten years combining together natural ingredients, rich in nutritional properties, that are mixed to create a fresh blend of juice shots.

Innate Essence is now able to bring clients a range of drinks containing high quality raw ingredients straight to your door.

Pure Tumeric

This pure 60ml shot includes 5 grams of active, raw tumeric. It tastes great first thing in the morning. Pure Tumeric is personally my favourite shot to drink when I wake up and after a good workout.
Pure Tumeric | £3.50

Power Tumeric
If you are looking for a shot to really hydrate you, then reach for the Power Tumeric. It combines all the health benefits from the tumeric, watermelon, pomegranate, lemon and pineapple it uses, boosting the drinks nutrition.
Power Tumeric Power | £3.50

Watermelon Refresher
If you are looking for something to quench your thirst in this heat then the Watermelon Refresher will do just the job, made even more hydrating by the tannin-rich Pomegranate.
Watermelon Refresher | £3

Pomegranate Explosion
The perfect Vitamin A, C and E pick-me-up, this explosion of nutrients boasts a rich tannin quantity which is also high in fibre.
Pomegranate Explosion | £4

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Stay Sweet (and smash those goals),

Alice xx


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  1. I'm just getting into turmeric so these shots will be great and so quick and easy to a daily dose. Do you take them regularly? JB


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