Friday, June 09, 2017

5 Reasons You Should Pack Using Only Hand Luggage //

Dear Readers,

As much as I'd love to be an airport Queen, I struggle to cope with the whole tedious airport experience. I get easily irritated by the queues to check in luggage, not to mention the wait for my case to come through on the conveyor belt at the other side.

So when it comes to packing for a short trip or summer getaway, I will try my hardest to cram my hand luggage full of everything I need. 

1. It's Faster - Who wants to be waiting for 40 minutes watching everyone else's luggage come through and not yours. Use that spare time to get exploring.

2. It's Cheaper - Flights don't tend to be too cheap so minimise additional baggage charges and pack light. Boarding a flight with just hand luggage isn't just for the businessmen/businesswomen out there.

3. It's Easier - Less luggage means less mess particularly when both unpacking and packing your case.

4. It Prevents Over-Packers Remorse - Come on, we have all been there with our extra suitcase full of clothes we haven't even touched for the entire holiday. Packing with just a hand-luggage case stops you from making those mistakes.

5. It's Safer - Don't you just love it when your luggage ends up in another country...
No seriously, it's happened to me and I never want to relive that experience. With hand luggage, you are in control of where it goes. Thank Goodness.

Make sure that get on board early as most budget airlines have a cut-off for accommodating hand luggage, so bear that in mind.

My Hand Luggage Picks:

International Carry-On aluminum suitcase, £785 | TUMI

Women's Gem Gardens Small Cabin Case, £179.96 (Was £224.95) | Ted Baker 

Tiber Embossed Cabin Suitcase, £99 (Was £145) | Antler

Super Lightweight ABS Hard Shell Travel Carry On, £29.99 | Aerolite

Super Lightweight Travel Carry On Hand Luggage Suitcase, £56.99 | Aerolite

Stay Sweet,

Alice xx

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  1. How did your trip go with just hand luggage? I always tend to over pack, so you've given me some ideas, as you always do, Alice. I just love your blog._ Vikki


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