Friday, May 12, 2017

Harry Baker - 'Art She Said' Album Review //

'Art She Said' is a soothingly transcendent album that delves into genres and sub-genres of the disco music scene. It collates together a hybrid of 19-year-old Harry Baker influences including Prince, Jeff Buckley and Jimi Hendrix to name a few.

The album does not hold itself entirely to the confines of one form, but takes the listener through a narrative of genres, introducing us to sounds similar to The 1975's iconic electronic reverb in 'Intro' as well as funky rap in 'Picasso'. It is Baker's most ambitious album to date.

Harry Baker
This album is definitely one to save to your summery Spotify playlists. There are moments where you want to turn up the volume and dance and there are key tracks like 'Interlude' and 'Take Me to the Sun' which leave you with a nostalgic yearning for festival season. 

There is something for all to enjoy, but I am of an impartial, somewhat greedier stance as I appreciated the entire 13 tracks.


South-England born Harry Baker has been playing the guitar since age 10

You can listen to Harry Baker on Spotify or buy 'Art She Said' on iTunes.


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