Thursday, May 04, 2017

Iconic London - Get That Insta Girl Highlight //

Dear Readers,

Highlight is everywhere. It has been the staple beauty product for a couple of years now and its increasing popularity means its not about to fade any time soon (did you see what I did there?). 

Iconic Limited Edition Illuminator - £29.99 - Also featured, Oval Brushes - Small £2.50 Medium £3 and Insta Girl Perfume £3.50, all Primark
Poor jokes aside, the key to that highlight looking fierce is all in the application. As I am no makeup artist or self-proclaimed "pro", I am constantly on the look out for products which deliver that Insta-Hoe glow with minimal effort. 

That is what I liked immediately with Iconic London, as their range of highlighters were not only easy to use, but were also pigmented enough to give you an airbrushed application, every time. 

After watching a dozen YouTube reviews and demo's I realised I just had to have it, so I got online and bought the Iconic Limited Edition Illuminator (Shine) - £29.99. Some of you may think I am borderline crazy for paying nearly 30 pounds for a highlighter, but you are paying for quality and quantity here. You hardly need much of the product, and the fact that it comes with a pipette applicator, means you won't lose out on a single drop.

To show you how amazing this product is, I have attempted a little demo for you all. But please bear in mind that I am clearly no Charlotte Tilbury or Bobbi Brown.

Oh and whilst we are on the topic of shining like a heaven sent angel, never let anyone dull your sparkle!

Stay Sweet,

Alice xx

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