Monday, January 16, 2017

The Corset Belt - Missy Empire //

Dear Readers,

Now I have been on the hunt for a good quality corset belt for about a year now. When I have found the perfect one, it is either out of stock or far too expensive (Maison Margiela I'm looking at you). As much as I would love to splash out on a belt, I felt like my lack of frivolous funds and need for having one right now meant that I had to look elsewhere. 

But how glad I was when I discovered that Missy Empire stocked the 'Ava Black Corset Waist Belt'. Not only does the belt frame the waist perfectly, its super elasticity meant that it was giving me the curves I have longed for since puberty, and for only £14 too.
Ava Corset Belt paired with my new season Zara Jumper Dress

I also love that it gives the illusion that you've got the time and energy to lace up the front, when in fact its got a Velcro backing, so you can just wrap it around you and stick it down. The job was done with no fuss or need for another person to assist in my waist cinching. Satine eat your heart out darling. 

Party at the front, lazy at the back

Stay Sweet,

Alice xx
Black Corset Waist Belt
Black Corset Waist Belt
Black Corset Waist Belt
Black Corset Waist

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