Friday, January 13, 2017

Dealing With Rejection & How To Overcome It //

Dear Readers,

Rejection can be an isolating experience for anyone, it can feel like the end of the world to lose sight of something you longed for or put effort into. Now I am not just talking about romantic rejection, I'm also talking about rejections we experience in our careers.

A number of people have made innocent comments that I have a lot of opportunities coming my way at the moment, and whilst that is true to some degree, it also isn't. For every one successful career move or article or collaboration, comes 20 or 30 rejections from newspapers, magazines and clothing companies. As much as people may appear to have their lives together with new and exciting opportunities arising, consider that they might have spent a lot of their time applying for hundreds of other jobs.

Dealing with opening a letter or email of rejection can feel heartbreaking and consecutive rejections can even make you lose your mind. I have seen the words 'unsuccessful' so many times in an email response that I almost began to believe it myself. The word alone makes me angry because it implies a degree of certainty, that those who are unsuccessful will remain to be no matter how much effort they put in. After self-assessing what this word meant for my development, I was able to realise being 'unsuccessful' now does not determine my accomplishments in the future, it merely steers me to look somewhere else.

As a Journalist in training, I have realised that there will be many occasions when I will be told 'no' or that my work is not good enough or that I am 'unsuccessful', but it does not determine the future I aspire to have and nor should any of you feel that way too. So if you don't get the call for the second interview or your ideas get scrapped, just know that this is the perfect time to move forward in a way you never thought was possible. Take this as a sign to be more adventurous or apply for a position you may have never considered.

The only way to deal with rejection is to turn it into something positive. Try to understand why things might have been unsuccessful and learn from those things.

Finally, the most important thing I want to stress from this post is that no matter how hard we may try sometimes, it might just not be our time and it may take a little longer to reach that goal we so desperately want. We will all experience moments of failure or rejection in our lives and we must take from these times and learn from them. Think of rejection as an inevitable concept that we must use to better ourselves.

Stay Positive & Stay Sweet,

Alice xx

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