Wednesday, November 02, 2016

An Ode To Autumn //

Dear Readers,

I find I am most inspired during the Autumn time and so I wanted to share this mini post with you. A collection of some of my Fall themed photographs taken this year and a poem.

I find that I write more poetry during this time of year, but I have never really shared any of my work before. The poem below was just a free-written piece, which I wrote on my way back home from university.

 An Ode To Autumn
          - Alice Bradley

It was late into fall,
When I walked through the sprawl
of amber leaves that had fallen from the trees.

It was early in that day,
When the soft breezy rays
dried away the stain of the previous days rain.

It was that time again
When all melancholy feelings rushed back like the bursting river bank.
Once again I sank
back into my golden thoughts.

I was falling in love again,
With a season that would soon fade.
But I bathed in the orange light,
Dreamt of times when pine cones were hoarded in jacket pockets and blushed cheeks were seen poking out of high-necked sweaters.

Oh how I longed for the season,
How I begged for it to stay.
Whilst walking through the wood,
The crunch and crackle of each conker underfoot,
Praying that this annual demise,
Would for once not actually arise.
You see, it was this season that brought me to life. 

Stay Seasonal,

Alice xx  

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