Monday, November 14, 2016

7 Reasons Why I Love The Ivy //

Dear Readers,

I am almost certain that to many, this post will not come as a surprise and will indeed appear inevitable. Those of you who follow me on my social media, such as my Instagram, will know that I love to visit The Ivy Chelsea Garden in the busy Kings Road, Chelsea. 

Yes, I admit I did discover it back in 2011, when the posh totty's of SW3 graced our screens for Made In Chelsea and were seen frolicking by the bar.

When I first stepped foot into The Ivy, I was immediately blown away. It was love at first sight and at any given opportunity, I find myself stopping by for a drink or a bite to eat for brunch.

I have come to the conclusion that there are many reasons why I love The Ivy, and I wanted to share them with you.

1. Customer Service:

Each and every time I visit The Ivy I am always welcomed by the polite staff that work there. Attention to the customers needs is integral to a good dining experience and it is clear that every staff member puts effort into greeting customers politely and serving them quickly. 

Also, hats off to the women who go all day wearing their statement floral bodycon dress and heels. To be able to wait on people is hard enough, but to do it so elegantly, as if they were the ones out to dine there, is even more inspiring. 

2. Choice of Food & Drink:

Whether you are going there for a pot of tea or a three course meal and cocktails, there is a wide range to choose from. I have spent most of my visits making my way through the cocktail menu and I must say there are some winning drinks on there. My ultimate favourites are Angel Share and the Salted Caramel Espresso Martini.

3. The Decor:

Now, I am one for interior design that is well-thought out and inspiring to the eye. The Ivy transports me to a time of art-deco furniture and pure decadence. I relish in the warm-toned furnishings and archaic 20's style hardware that features throughout the restaurant and bar. Whether it is warm or chilly outside, I always find myself cosying up to The Ivy, as if it were my home. If you are searching for a place to watch the world go by or sink into your own thoughts, then Thy Ivy is most definitely the place to find yourself in.

 4. The Garden:

The Garden, which is unfortunately only open during the warmer months, is probably the most enchanting place to be during your time there. Outdoor settees and thin, metal framed table and chairs are speckled around the garden besides a multitude of colourful plants and flowers. It is a rather magical place to dine when it is busy, as the hubbub of cutlery clinking and the glugging of Whispering Angel's being poured echo around the confine's of the brick garden walls. It almost feels like a secret club of Chelsea folk, hiding themselves away from the commotion of city life.

5. The Location:
Being in the heart of Kings Road is simply ideal. After a long day milling around the local boutique stores or visiting the Saatchi Gallery, The Ivy is the perfect place to end up.

6. Ambience:

No matter where you are sat, there is always a splendid ambience. Even the bathroom is beautifully symmetrical and has sweet-smelling candles burning. What better place to freshen up.

There are so many nooks to find yourself in, where you can experience a different element of the ambience that goes on inside.

Also, I am usually pretty lucky when I am at The Ivy and often spot a celeb or two which is always a bit of fun. 

7. Value for Money:

Although it may appear on the more expensive side, when comparing to other restaurants, I do believe it is the kind of place that is worth the money. It is one of those locations where you are not just paying for the high quality food, you are also paying for the experience.

I would love to know if you choose to visit The Ivy, so feel free to tag me in any pictures.

Stay Sweet,

Alice xx 


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