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10 Things NOT to do in London //

Dear Readers,

Inspired by Chic Glam Style's recent post '8 Things NOT to do in London' I was inspired to write my own list of things you shouldn't do.

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1. Walk slowly/stop in the middle of the pathway
There is nothing more annoying than a slow walker or someone who decides to stop dead in the middle a pathway. If you need to stop, tuck yourself in away from the flow of people.

2. Know your lanes
It is a cardinal sin to stand still on the left side of the escalator. If you want to stand still, stick to the right side. The fast lane is always on the left. 

3. Less is more
Where possible avoid carrying multiple bags with you. Instead put things all into one bag to limit your chances of having your bags knocked off your shoulder. 

For those of you who dare to bring a suitcase into Central (don't worry we have all been there), avoid dragging the case behind you. Instead minimise how much space you take up, by using all four wheels of the case and pulling it upright.

4. Avoid overrated cafe's and restaurants 
Just because everyone goes there, does not mean that it is a place worthy of the hype. Don't just look at the aesthetics - Do you really want to pay £8 for a coffee and £11 for a slice of dry cake purely because they have a flower wall and marble tables? Sometimes it is the undiscovered eateries that serve the best food and drink.

5. Not looking before crossing the road
We have all done it, crossing the road without looking carefully enough. But it is just not worth the risk, so keep yourself safe and look both ways.
6. Bother with large high street stores
The one thing I refuse to do when in London, is shop in the same high street stores I have at home. It's honestly such waste of time because the fitting room queues are ridiculous and so are the queues to pay.

7. Tell your black cab driver how much you love Uber
There is a time and place for everything - Please don't bring the U-word up to a cabby.

8. Not let a pregnant lady sit down on the tube/train.
Pregnant women get a free pass for sitting wherever the hell they like, no matter how much you think you deserve your seat. They are carrying a life, so it's always kind to offer your seat if you see someone distinctly pregnant or wearing a 'Baby on Board' badge.

9. Not pre-book 
So many restaurants have a walk-in only policy, but when you can make a reservation, I highly recommend you do it. It makes everything a lot more relaxed and you're guaranteed a table.

10. Show off objects
Unfortunately muggings are increasing in London. If you have objects like mobile phones, fancy headphones and cameras, you become an easy target. Keep phones out of immediate vision and if you do need to carry it in your hand, hold it in the hand furthest away from the road. This will make it a lot harder for moped muggers to grab it. Women should also opt for cross body bags as they are harder to take.

I hope these tips have helped in some way, if you are new to London or just visiting.

Stay Sweet,

Alice xx

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