Sunday, July 02, 2017

Peggy Porschen //

Dear Readers,

Friday was a busy day for me as I had meetings scheduled all over London, most of them being held at bakeries, coffee shops and eateries. I can't say I wasn't secretly happy that I could eat my way across London whilst I worked.

I brought Ellie along with me so we could hang out together in between meetings and it gave her a little taste of the life of a journalist.

We stopped at one of my favourite coffee shops, Peggy Porschen and soaked up the London sun whilst we sipped on tea and coffee.

Eton Mess Cupcake

Dress, £29.99 | H&M, Sandals | Brighton Lanes Market

Stay Sweet,

Alice xx


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  1. This sums up summer. Sun, pretty flowers and two glowing girls.Your dress was just right, Alice - all flowery and what a bargain. The Eton mess cupcake is such a great idea.JB


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