Sunday, March 12, 2017

Rianna Phillips - Phone Case Unboxing //

Dear Readers,

Today I am super excited to show you my latest item from Rianna Phillips. As I purchased a new phone, I had to get my dream phone case to go with it and complete the look. There really is nowhere better to get your custom cases made. 

My unboxing video is below:

Be sure to take a look at all the products Rianna Phillips has on offer.

Monogrammed Pink Marble Case - £24

Stay Sweet,

Alice xx



  1. Hiya Alice

    Been following your blog for a while now and you are most definitely going from strength to strength :-) The content is becoming more and more interesting and I love the latest vlog above - just placed an order for my first Rianna Phillips case, so excited, can't wait for it to arrive.

    BTW you might not be aware of this, but you are certainly moving up in the world!

    First a few boring stats:- There are over 1.1 billion websites online now, of which about 150-200 million are active blogs.

    Secondly, your global ranking in this grand scheme of things (according to Alexa) is - 20,931,977, which really puts you up and out there!



  2. How lovely is that! No wonder you were so excited and your excitement is infectious. The cover is so pretty and I love the colour. Will you interchange your covers? I like the eyelash one. (Jane)


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