Saturday, March 04, 2017

7 Ways To Remove Negativity From Your Life //

Dear Readers,

1. Make peace with your past so it doesn't spoil your present
It is hard to come to terms with the outcome of certain situations, but to totally remove yourself from the negativity surrounding it, you must learn to accept that it cannot be changed. Try to set yourself little goals during the week to focus your attention elsewhere. This in time will help you to move on and will be a productive process in the longer term too.

2. What others think of you is none of your business
This is such an essential part of your growth as a person. The thoughts of others do not determine who you really are. Try  to remove toxic friendships/relationships from your immediate circle and reassess who is adding value to your life. It is unhealthy to hold onto people who are only damaging to your development, particularly if they persist on putting you down or feed you pessimistic opinions, in spite of your success. Let go of them and refine your circle of friends. After all it is all about quality over quantity.

3. Understand that time heals
In the moment it can be pretty hard to believe, but what affects you right here, right now, is going to mean very little to you in years time

4. Happiness is shaped by you and only you
Make it part of your day to create a moment of happiness. Treat a stranger to a coffee or catch up on a TV show you've missed. If you can end the day knowing something made you feel good, you have created a moment of happiness.

5. Don't compare your life to others. Everyone walks a different path
Comparing your life to another person's is a detrimental move to anyone wanting to remove negativity from their lives. So what if someone you know has just had their two year anniversary with their boyfriend or that friend from back home just got their dream job, everything happens in its own way. Trust in your path and make it happen.
6. Stop yourself from overthinking
Avoid procrastinating and stewing over bad parts of your day. Occupy your mind with something productive. Make a conscious effort to find something positive in every situation and you'll find yourself outweighing the negatives.

7. Smile
If you outwardly change your mood, others will reflect a smile back at you. It is such a powerful feeling when you walk past a stranger and they look at you with a little compassionate smile. Be that person and make someone else's day better.

I hope that these few tips can put you on the path to a more positive 2017.

Stay Sweet,
Alice xx

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  1. Thought provoking and insightful post, if I may say so Alice. Affirmative thinking such as you describe above, will certainly generate a very effective positive resilience to any negative vibes which may be encountered in everyday life (and let's face it, in our fast-moving and somewhat self-obsessed age there can be a lot of those).

    For some people, antagonistic contrariness seems to have become a lifestyle choice which they use to oppress their fellow beings with whom they may disagree. Poor choice, if you ask me, but then it is comparatively easy to move away, both psychologically and physically, from the gloomy spaces these cynics occupy and you have set out a viable template to follow for those who wish to adopt a more rational and productive approach to the great adventure of life.



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