Saturday, October 03, 2015

An Open Book : Why I'm Studying Journalism

Dear Readers,

After being set the brief to write about why I chose Journalism and what inspires me most about the written word, I was motivated to write this post for you today. 

In an age where Churnalism is the new Journalism, we can only hope that over time, the power of writing news is not damaged by the impacts of social media. With that being said, it is also a very exciting time for Journalism as we are moving into an age where we demand for more information and therefore have sought to taking matters into our own hands to publish independent news to the masses with only a mobile phone to hand. 
Even from the age of 5 I had my pen poised and was rocking a turtleneck sweater

For me, choosing this career path came from my love of reading Fashion magazines and writing as a hobby. For years I dreamed of being a Fashion Designer, but due to my inability to actually draw, I found that I struggled with the concept of being a designer. With that career path out of the window, I later discovered when I was studying for my GCSE's that I could do Journalism at university and pursue my love for putting pen to paper.

'I believed in Journalism more than any other career path I had been interested in'


It wasn't until I visited The Daily Telegraph in my first year of A Levels that I had the opportunity to be blown away by the power of journalism and the way in which journalists work together to formulate the final paper. Without the journalists uniting unfolding facts, there would be no such thing as news and for that matter no physical print of news. When I sat down to apply for the course I knew it was what I wanted to do - I believed in Journalism more than any other career path I had been interested in, and so my decision to choose Kingston University's Journalism degree was born.

Kingston seemed to be the only high contender for me as the course, location and family history meant that it was the perfect place for my evolution into the Journalism arena.

'For me there is nothing more exciting than a developing news story'  

Being a stones throw away from central London will enable me to connect with breaking news in a whole new way. I am able to experience the chaos as it happens, and for me there is nothing more exciting than a developing news story.

Here are some videos that come from the Kingston University website which I hope will give you a flavour of the course and also what it is like to live and work in this bustling Borough of London.

If you have any further questions or queries, then do not hesitate to contact me in the comments below or through my social media links in the side bar.

Stay Sweet,

Alice x

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