Thursday, October 01, 2015

An Open Book : Journalism Series

Dear Readers, 

As you may or may not know, since Saturday the 19th of September I moved into London and ventured on a journey of self-discovery and ready-made meals. Okay, so university life does sound like a massive cliché, but it's true; you really do cook Uncle Ben's Rice and hope for the best. As for the self-discovery, well that comes with the territory. No longer are we able to rely on Mum and Dad to rescue us at our every pit fall (granted I now talk to my parents more than ever).
University life is definitely yours to mould into your own, so studying and learning to live your life independently is entirely unique to you. For some, they cannot wait to be free of the reigns of parents and chores, whilst for others (like myself) it means feeling quite homesick and missing the company of my family and loved ones.
I know as I become more acquainted with the university lifestyle, I will be able to grab every opportunity as it comes and in turn will be able to grow as a person. For me, that was a big thing to deal with as I have always been anxious for change. 

Change is inevitable, so for me, I knew it was going to have to adjust to new things soon and being in the same school for my Secondary years and Sixth Form meant that my school career never really altered dramatically. Avoiding change for so long may not have been the healthiest thing for me, but now that I am settling into University life, it really isn't as bad as it may seem. 

 ~                                                                      ~                                                                ~

The aim of this post really was to illustrate how I am going to be opening up about living and working at Kingston University and how I am going to be juggling studies, family, friends and the night life.  

If you have any questions on university life, feel free to comment below on contact me using my Twitter/Instagram details on the side bar.

Stay Sweet,

Alice x


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