Monday, July 13, 2015

London Trip & Tanya's Cafe

Hey Readers,
So as it is my 18th birthday this week, myself and Sean decided to head up to London for the day and have a meal at my restaurant of choice. After recently following Tanya's Cafe on Instagram and reading great reviews I decided to book a table. Here are some pictures of our day in the big city and our experience at Tanya's.

We decided to order the Desert Platter to share which included our own choice of cakes, chocolates and fresh fruit. The Vegan Red Berry Cheesecake was our favourite!

I really loved this quote so I had to take a picture!

Even the bathroom was fancy!

'Absolutely Stuffed' Selfie

Even though we were full, we still admired these beautiful deserts from the window

Next Stop: Harrods

My Dream Bag

You're never too old for Disney

I hope you enjoyed this little update on our London Trip. If you ever get the chance, do visit Tanya's Cafe in Chelsea.

Stay Sweet,

Alice x 


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