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OOTD - Outfits of the Decade

It’s every designer’s latest muse, and it’s our go to app – How Instagram has changed the way we see fashion forever.

We are at an exciting point in the fashion industry where nothing is left to the imagination and anything is possible. If you haven’t already figured it out, Instagram could be your best asset; bloggers, photographers, makeup artists, designers and high-street labels all swear by it. 

No longer do we have to wait until magazines publish photographs of designer catwalk shows or new campaigns, everything is open to us by a click and swipe. The ease of sharing shots has given fashion following fans the inside exclusive, from such a tailored perspective that it allows accounts to become their own media outlet – it’s like the PR you never had. As publications go head to head with photo savvy individuals, it’s clear that the ‘sharing experience’ is fundamentally changing not only the way media works, but fashion altogether. 

“It’s like the PR you never had”

We have constant live access to a whole manner of fashion inspiration, from a Valencia filtered shot of Jourdan Dunn in that slinky, black Versace gown to your best friend rocking her new Zara blazer. Whatever the occasion, we now have 24/7 free admission to inspiration, envy and straight up socialising.

Spreading the word

Designers have had to rethink concepts with a much more digitally aware focus, when creating a setting for their garments. Not only must they set themselves apart from other shows, they must revolutionise to remain within this modernising industry.

Chanel delivered just that with their Supermarket inspired AW14 show which flooded Instagram feeds everywhere. Not only was it inimitably intricate in detail, but model moguls, specifically Cara Delevingne flaunted photos on her own Instagram page (@caradelevingne). Free advertising, just like that!

The attention to detail designers are now exploring have mirrored our digital obsession with the intricacy of designs. Shapes and cuts are now more visually diverse as colours, textures and volumes portray artistic expressions of our modern stimulus. Geometrically challenging styles offer a decorative flair to the vision a designer will start with. We now do not seek clothing that is just practical; a level of ambition has been illustrated and it is now up to designers to reflect the current prominence of creative communication.  

The themes within these collections are embellished in order to appeal to the trending variations of structure in terms of what is possible – and most importantly, what is wearable.

Formerly designers and brands would have to spend hundreds of thousands to market their images across tabloids and newspapers – a new, innovative form of marketing has taken over. What’s more, it’s free and user-friendly and is open to anyone launching themselves into the connectable, social spectrum of contacts.

It’s not about having the app, it’s how you use it

If you haven’t managed to take 35 selfies in just one outfit then clearly you’re doing it wrong – I’ve always thought it’s best to take more, then select the most post-able.

Although there is yet to be published a book of rules for achieving the best Instagram account, I do believe there are a few ways you can turn your feed into your own fashion portfolio. 

When it comes to posting a successful #OOTD it’s important to firstly pick an outfit that’s actually worth advertising. Unfortunately some of us aren’t as blessed with a refilling wardrobe like the youngest Kardashian, Kylie – this girls got more Tom Ford than I’ve got Topshop.

Offer your angle

Instagram in itself, has become an art form, so it’s vital that you put your spin on things. #FromMyView shots give an edgy take, over the typical full body mirror selfie. If you’ve managed to finally snag those killer pointed Chelsea boots then it’s time to wear them with pride.

Whether you are a fashion follower or a dedicated designer, the crucially influential world of Instagram is at your dispense.

10 Fashion Feeds You Should Follow Now:

1.       Vanessa Hong @thehautepursuit 270K Followers

Nomadic style that reels minimalistic complexity.

2.      Dior @dior 2.8M Followers

           An exploration of classical style, with an observed take on the modern woman.

3.      Primark @primark 1M Followers

For all you value seekers, keep your eye out for style steals.

4.      Millie Mackintosh @camillamackintosh 878K Followers

Food, Fashion and Fitness.

5.      Susie Bubble @susiebubble 188K Followers

Quirky Queen of the fashion scene.

6.      Samantha Maria @thebeautycrush 391K Followers

             Urban, fun loving Londoner.

7.      Rosie Huntington-Whiteley @rosiehw 2.7M Followers

British born golden Goddess.

8. @styledotcom 344K Followers

The go-to mood board.

9.      Burberry @burberry 2.5M Followers

Tan never looked so good.

10. Missguided @Missguided 810K Followers

Empowering every crazed online shopper out there.


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