Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Horsham's Best Kept Secret: Pretty Things //

Pretty Things is most definitely one of Horsham's best kept secret. With an aesthetic perfected to suit every girl's Instagram feed and an extensive menu of brunch items that delivers both the look and the taste, it surprises me that there aren't queues out of the doors at this place. But I have to say, that's what appeals to me so much about this place. It doesn't know how good it really is. You won't be treated like just another customer hoping to snap an Instagrammable food pic, instead you'll be welcomed by the lovely staff here, all of whom are extremely passionate about their rainbow café in the heart of Horsham.

Unicorn Hot Chocolate & Nutella Freakshake, both £6.95

If Pretty Things were located in London, you wouldn't even dream of being able to secure a table without a reservation or lengthy wait. Granted it isn't planted in an urban burrough. However it does stand out as offering the people of West Sussex both quality cake and aesthetic charm. Élan Cafe and Farm your heart out!

Mermaid Cake, £3.50 per slice

Myself and Hannah both ordered the prettiest drinks, I chose the Unicorn Hot Chocolate (see below), whilst Hannah opted for a super chocolatey Nutella Milkshake.

Annoyingly I didn't snap a cute pic of my hot chocolate quick enough and a lot of the cream melted, so here is a fabulous picture I found on Instagram of the hot chocolate in all its glory.

Photo: @sianellenjones

Cupcake, from £2.25

Whilst we waited for our order to arrive, myself and Hannah decided to have some fun and shoot some photos.

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It was also great to follow myself and Hannah's long standing tradition of meeting at Pretty Things for a catch up. There is nothing that goes better together than gossip and a cute cafe to gossip in!


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