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The Gucci Inspired Dress You Need This Season //

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I have been following the careful moves of creative director Alessandro Michele since he was appointed creative director for Gucci in January 2015. His growth and development as a designer was initially minimal and he stuck to his inspirations with such belief that his pieces have been distinctive to Gucci's identity. Michele now has the market right where he wants it, firmly at his feet.

Photo: Gucci
Gucci is the brand to own right now and it does not look as if the company is set to step down from that title any time soon, with sales up 49 per cent in the last quarter alone.

For those who are yet to purchase their first Gucci piece, you can pay homage to the designs with inspired pieces from the high street, that are a fraction of the cost. Everyone from online brands to other high-end designers seem to be taking inspiration from Michele's particular aesthetic. It's as if the entire world has been hypnotised by green and red racer stripes and sparkling snake accoutrements.

Victorian floral midi dresses are another of Gucci's staples and I was so inspired when they released their Gucci Bloom fragrance. The visuals used in the advert encapsulate Alessandro Michele's vision of Victorian drama meets eclectic edge entirely.

Check out how I style my Victorian floral midi 🍃

'It is my intention to astonish you all' - Bathsheba, Far From The Madding Crowd. Channelling my inner Bathsheba Everdene in this Gucci inspired look.

Viscose Dress, £29.99 | H&M
Fine Knit Jumper, £24.99 | H&M
Zip Detailed Boots, £12 | Primark 
Red Chloe replica, £10 | Bought at a Cypriot market stall

Viscose Dress, £29.99 | H&M


Porcelain Garden Print Silk Gown, £4,040 | Gucci 

Disclaimer: Although an exact green match can be found online, Gucci do sell green gowns similar to this one in-store.

Porcelain Garden Print Silk Gown, £4,040 | Gucci 

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