Friday, August 28, 2015

Autumnal Candles Haul : Bath & Body Works

Dear Readers,
Forgive me if this sounds forward, but I think I am now ready for Autumn / Winter. Now I'm not trying to wish summer away, but really have we had weather acceptable enough to rock those denim cut-offs or those new season Birkenstock's? If you ask me, summer this year has offered us more rain for puddles than it has sunshine for sun burn. 

I will be honest and say that I much prefer the winter month's to the summer ones. It's everything about this time that encapsulates the beauty of British weather. Okay so I'm not keen on the rain, but I love the gradual change in temperature which can only mean one thing: winter coats and accessories. Queue the fur gilet and the pom pom hat. 

What's more, anyone who knows me well enough knows that during this time of year my fixation with candles is relit again as the shorter days make it so much more inviting to light a cosy and seasonally apt candle. 

What's got me even more prepared for the bitterly cold winter months are these spectacular Bath & Body Works candles which are unfortunately not accessible to purchase online in the UK (Bath & Body Works shame on you...half of your profits would probably stem from UK based candle fanatics like myself).

I agree it would seem pretty useless to rave about a product which is not even available to the majority of you lovely lot. However I just couldn't pass up an opportunity to post how cute these candles are aesthetically as well as how inventive their fragrance combinations can be. In particular, the cobalt blue 'Flannel' struck me in such a melancholic way; it basically smells like a well groomed boyfriend's cuddles. It's musky and screams autumnal warmth. I love it!

Although I can't offer you the magical availability to shop online at Bath & Body Works, I can recommend Yankee Candles Autumn/Winter scents which are filling the shelves as we speak. Think fragrances like Pain au Raisin and freshly dropped rain...perfection! So until the day when Bath & Body Works finally realise their potential in an English market, we'll have to stick with the good and trusty Yankee Candle. Or, alternatively, take full advantage of your wonderful friend's holiday to Miami and plead she smuggle you some sweet-smelling goodness (Thanks Liv).

Stay Sweet guys,
Alice x

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