Friday, March 06, 2015

DIY : Motivation / Inspiration Board

Are you lacking motivation to focus and revise, or do you find yourself without an ounce of fashion inspiration to hand when deciding on your next purchase?

Well I've found that refreshing my cork board/whiteboard to a mood board has injected some colour to my workspace and has really made me feel creative and motivated each day. 

The great thing about this DIY is that it is completely unique and tailored to what you find most encouraging - it can be changed up to suit your mood and really helps to get you feeling productive. It's also ideal if you don't fancy pinning anything to your walls and keeps it all in one location.

If you have goals for your future for example houses you aspire to live in, countries you'd love to visit, your dream job or to one day own a Lady Dior handbag then this board is the perfect place to display all these ideas. Glancing at them occasionally whilst I work is the best way to refocus myself.
My board before I revamped it - covered in random sheets of paper and exam timetables (ew)

Start From Scratch

I chose to use some of my favourite magazines for pages to pull out - like French Vogue

Choose your favourite pictures and rip them out!

Rearrange until you get the perfect collage

Inspirational quotes are one of my favourite things to add to a board - and they've got to be POSITIVE

'Hey, it's OK...'

Of course a couple of pictures of Lush products had to feature

I do hope you try this easy and rather therapeutic DIY. Although I'd try and avoid doing it just for the sake of procrastinating (woops) it when you actually have time!

I Hope you enjoyed my post - Thanks again for taking the time to read it.

Stay Sweet,

Alice x

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