Wednesday, July 23, 2014

How To: Avoid Overpacking

So after three tedious days I have finally finished packing for my holiday to Cyprus, and it got me thinking; how can I make the packing experience both easy for myself and others stuck in the same situation. 

Being a clothes obsessive I've found it ridiculously hard to whittle down what I'm taking. To make matters harder for myself, over five shopping trips later I've found I've bought enough clothes to fill an entire suitcase with new tops, shorts, swimwear, shoes and accessories before I've even considered the clothes I already own, which I want to take. I guess I'll admit to being a bit of an over-packer. I can pack absolutely everything into one case, landing at my destination with so much regret that on the other side I'm lugging an overweight Tardis of a suitcase which is heaving with clothes I know I won't wear because it's just too hot. But, I'm good at lying to myself about these kind of things, considering an unrealistic scenario that at some point during my holiday I will suddenly need that Zara crew neck jumper. In the most truthful sense, I simply don't need a jumper when it's 30 degrees in the shade.

In order to save you the time I so wastefully spent almost crying whilst I was swamped amongst a heap of garments, I've devised these few tips that will hopefully save you time, effort, and that all important 'weigh-in' at the check-in desk which, if over the 20kg limit, will cost you!
Some of my holiday essentials I've packed
  •   Go through everything you own - you'll be surprised what you find lurking in the bottom of your wardrobe
  • From the items you've already got, what outfits can be put together- if you find you have a lot of random items then think about what you could buy to complete the ensemble
  • Make a list of all the items of clothing which you don't already own but would need/like to wear on holiday- work with the random items you already own to prevent 'buyers remorse'
  • When buying an item, think about its versatility and how many different outfits you can make with just one staple piece- a pair of black denim shorts can be paired with almost anything on top. This will make packing 10x easier and will obviously be lighter than taking pink floral shorts that can only be worn with one type of top you own
  •  Jewellery and other accessories like belts, and light scarfs/shawls can help switch up an outfit and is very light in your luggage - with a little sprinkle of creativity a scarf can be wrapped around to create a cute cover up or make-shift halter top
  • Aim to take the 3 main pairs of shoes for any hot holiday- slip on shoes such as Converse or Vans, Flip-Flops/Sandals, and a cute pair of heels (suitable for those evenings out) - limiting yourself to 3 pairs of shoes will allow you much more space for your clothes, and I've found that shoes are my least worn item of clothing, seeing as I'll spend most of the day by the pool
  • Mix n' Match swimwear is a favourite of mine - more looks, less items. Just go wild a combine different bikini pieces to create a unique look.
I hope this can help you when packing your suitcase this summer. 

Stay Sweet xoxo


  1. I'm also guilty of overpacking so I find this very useful especially the managing of those random items which seemed such a good buy at the time


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